About MAS

All committee chairs are volunteer positions and are vital for the health of the club. If you’d like to get involved, email the person who’s in charge of your area of interest. Many hands make light work, so we’re always ready to bring some new people on board!

Do you want to contact one of the committee chairs? Click on their title, they'd love to hear from you!

Committee Chairs

Aqua News Editor Curtis Kafer
Auction Chair Brad Swanson
Auction Co-Chair Curtis Kafer
BAP Chair Randy Carey
BAP Data Chris Smith
Study/Share Chair  
Exchange Editor Pat Whitney
HAP Chair Tylor Volk
HAP Data Chris Smith
MAS/ACA Liaison Chuck Ekstedt
MAS/FAAS Liason Carter McAnich
Membership Chair Jen Knutson
Programs Chair Stephan Tanner
Promotions Dan Rowe
Advertising  - need a volunteer -
Show Chair  
Webmaster Randy Carey
Webmaster2 Curtis Kafer