Annual show


Division A - Community

FIRST Nematobrycon palmeri (emperor tetra) shown by Teresa Seaberg
2nd Paracheirodon simulans (green neon tetra) shown by Frank Lintgen
3rd Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis shown by Teresa Seaberg
Microdevario kubotai (Green Neon Rasbora) - Best in Division
FIRST Microdevario kubotai (green neon rasbora) shown by Frank Lintgen
2nd Danio kyathit shown by Frank Lintgen
3rd Puntius tetrazona (green moss tiger barb) shown by Dorie Rose
Betta - Aquarium Strains
FIRST Betta splendens shown by Vince Meyer
2nd Betta splendens shown by Karen Bergem
3rd Betta splendens (Dragonscale Super Delta Betta) shown by Karen Bergem
Livebearers - Wild Type - 
FIRST Skiffia francesae (golden skiffia) shown by Andy Jameson
2nd Zoogoneticus tequila (crescent goodeid) shown by Teresa Seaberg
Livebearers - Aquarium Strain Guppies - 
FIRST Poecilia reticulata (blue delta guppy) shown by Bruce Avenson
2nd Poecilia reticulata (russian red lace guppy) shown by Dakota Rose
3rd Poecilia reticulata (yellow snakeskin guppy) shown by Karen Bergem
Livebearers - Aquarium Strains NON-Guppies - 
FIRST Xiphophorus maculatus (sunset platy) shown by Dakota Rose
2nd Xiphophorus hellerii (veiltail blood red swordtail) shown by Willie Loh
3rd Poecilia sphenops (silver lyretail molly) shown by Mark Stanger
Rainbowfish - 
FIRST Melanotaenia bosemani (boseman's rainbowfish) shown by Dorie Rose
2nd Melanotaenia nigrans (black-banded rainbowfish) shown by Teresa Seaberg
3rd : Bedotia madagascarensis (madagascar rainbow) shown by Teresa Seaberg
Loaches & their Allies
FIRST Schistura mahnerti (burmese border sand loach) shown by Teresa Seaberg
2nd Sewellia sp "spotted" (hillstream loach) shown by Teresa Seaberg
3rd : Garra flavatra (panda garra) shown by Teresa Seaberg

Division B - Catfish 

Catfish - Loricariids 
FIRST Ancistrus sp. 'albino' (albino bushynose pleco) shown by Andy Jameson
2nd Pseudoacanthicus leopardus (L114 red fin sternella pleco) shown by Teresa Seaberg
3rd Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps (sailfin pleco) shown by Phil Kvern

Catfish - Corydoras 

Corydoras adolfoi 480

FIRST Corydoras adolfoi  shown by Frank Lintgen
2nd Corydoras hasbrosus (salt and pepper) shown by Dorie Rose
3rd Corydoras sp CS009 (green laser cory) shown by Teresa Seaberg
Catfish - All Other 
FIRST Synodontis ocellifer shown by Teresa Seaberg
2nd Bunocephalus coracoideus (banjo cat) shown by Phil Kvern
3rd Synodontis multipunctatus shown by Dorie Rose

Division C - Killifish 

Killifish - Aphysoemions - sponsored by Andrew Bogott 
FIRST Aphyosemionaustrale, Cape Esterias (Lyretail panchax) shown by Bruce Cameron
2nd Aphyosemion elberti, Ndokayo (red barred killi) shown by Bruce Cameron
3rd Aphyosemion bochleri, GWW 86-11 shown by Bruce Cameron
Killifish - Fundulopanchax - sponsored by Charles Ekstedt, Sr
FIRST Fundulopanchax gardneri, Innidere shown by Andy Jameson
2nd Fundulopanchax sjostedti (blue gularis) shown by Andy Jameson
3rd : Fundulopanchax oeseri shown by Bruce Cameron
Killifish - All Other 
FIRST Ophthalmalebias constanciae, Barra de Sao Joao shown by Bruce Cameron
2nd Rivulus rectocaudatus, KM 22 shown by Bruce Cameron
3rd Nothobranchius guentheri (readtail notho) shown by Brude Cameron

Division D - Cichlids  

Cichlids - South American - sponsored by Pure Fish Works
FIRST Geophagus brasiliensis shown by Steve Morrison
2nd Aequidens metae shown by Steve Morrison
3rd Geophagus altifrons shown by Steve Morrison
Cichlids - Central American 
FIRST Thorichthys maculapinis shown by Steve Morrison
2nd Paratheraps melanurus shown by Tim Wise
3rd Cryptoheros septumfasciatus shown by Chuck Ekstedt
Cichlids - New World Dwarf Cichlids 
FIRST Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (gold ram) shown by Willie Loh
2nd Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (german blue ram) shown by Teresa Seaberg
3rd Mikrogeophagus altispinosus (bolivian ram cichlid) shown by Teresa Seaberg
Cichlids - Lake Malawi - 
FIRST Metriaclima estherae (red zebra) shown by Jenny Kruckenberg
2nd Cynotilapia afra, cobue shown by Dorie Rose
3rd Tramitichromis intermedius shown by Charles Ekstedt
Cichlids - Old World Any Other - 
FIRST Hemichromis fasciatus shown by Steve Morrison
2nd Neolamprologus pulcher (daffodil) shown by Charles Ekstedt
3rd Paratilapia bleekeri (starry night cichlid) shown by Neil Pascale

Division E - Aquarium Strain Cichlids 

Angelfish - 
FIRST Pterophyllum scalare (koi angelfish) shown by Steve Morrison
2nd Pterophyllum scalare (koi angelfish)  Willie Loh
3rd Pterophyllum scalare (veiltail angelfish)  Dorie Rose
Aquarium Strain Cichlids - Discus - SOLIDS -  
FIRST Symphysodon aequifasciatus (albino platinum) shown by Beth Johnson
Aquarium Strain Cichlids - Discus - STRIATED -
FIRST Symphysodon aequifasciatus (diamond red turquoise discus) shown by Willie Loh
2nd Symphysodon aequifasciatus (mosaic red turquise discus) shown by Willie Loh
3rd Symphysodon aequifasciatus (altum flora discus) shown by Willie Loh
Aquarium Strain Cichlids - Discus - Spotted -
FIRST Symphysodon aequifasciatus (fire ruby leopard) shown by Beth Johnson
2nd Symphysodon aequifasciatus (red turquise discus) shown by Steve Morrison

Division F - Odds and Ends

Goldfish and Koi - Aquarium Strains Strains
FIRST : Carassius auratus (calico pearlscale goldfish) shown by Bruce Avenson
2nd Carassius auratus (black hammerhead goldfish) shown by Bruce Avenson
3rd Carassius auratus (Sarasa Comet goldfish) shown by Jan Carlson
Hybrids - any fish family
Red-Texas-Hybrid - Best in Division
FIRST : red texas hybrid (faded) shown by Gregg Chiodo
2nd red texas hybrid (non faded) shown by Gregg Chiodo
3rd red texas hybrid (faded) shown by Pouapheng Yang
Hybrids - Flower Horn
FIRST flowerhorn (titanium kamfa) shown by Vue Xiong
2nd flowerhorn (red dragib flowerhorn) shown by Dorie Rose
Labyrinth Fish 
FIRST Pseudosphromenus dayi (spiketail paradisefish) shown by Dorie Rose
2nd Trichopodus leerii (pearl gourami) shown by Natasha Westen
3rd Ctenopoma acutirostre (spotted ctenopoma) shown by Dorie Rose
North American Native Fish 
FIRST Etheostoma caeruleum (rainbow darter) shown by Nicholas Orvis
2nd Heterandria formosa (least killifish) shown by Nicholas Orvis
3rd Fundulus lineolatus shown by Jenny Kruckenberg
Any other variety of fish 
FIRST Polypterus weeksii shown by Dorie Rose
2nd Musilogabius chulae (golden stripe goby) shown by Nicholas Orvis
3rd Polypterus endlicheri shown by Teresa Seaberg
Family Breeder 
FIRST Poecilia reiculata (russian red snakeskin guppy) shown by Dorie rose
2nd Xiphophorus maculatus (southern platyfish) shown by Dorie Rose
Invertibrates - all other
FIRST Tylomelania gemmifera (rabbit snail) shown by Dorie Rose
2nd Tylomelania sp (rabbit snail) shown by Teresa Seaberg
3rd Marisa cornuarietis (striped columbian ramshorn snail) shown by Teresa Seaberg
Invertibrates - crayfish and shrimp -
FIRST Procambarus alleni (electric blue crayfish) shown by Nicholas Orvis
2nd Neocaridina davidi (rili shrimp) shown by Phil Kvern
3rd Neocaridina davidi (carbon black shrimp) shown by Teresa Seaberg

Division G - Plants

FIRST Microsorum pteropus (narrow leaf java fern) shown by Rick Mitchell
2nd Microsorum pteropus shown by Teresa Seaberg
3rd Bolbitis heudelotii (African Fern) shown by Teresa Seaberg
Blyxa japonica - Best in Division
FIRST Blyxa japonica shown by Dan Rowe
2nd Lobelia cardinalis shown by Dan Rowe
3rd Taxiphyllum sp flame shown by Teresa Seaberg

Division H - Creative/Artistic

Aquascape -
FIRST aquascape shown by Karen Bergem
2nd aquascape - Ahh - Aqua shown by Sally Cameron
3rd aquascape shown by Mark Stanger
Artwork - Fine 
FIRST mixed media on canvas - Betta shown by Karen Bergem
2nd Microgeophagus ramierzi shown by Sarah Flynn
3rd Apisitogramma double cacatuoides shown by Sarah Flynn
Artwork - Applied -
FIRST Zebra Pleco Earrings shown by Karen Begem
2nd Necklace and Earings shown by Nancy Swanson
3rd Follow the Leader shown by Sally Cameron
Photography media 
FIRST Betta shown by Charles Ekstedt
2nd Tramitichromis intermedius shown by Charles Ekstedt


Show Master

Teresa Seaberg
Teresa-Seaberg - 2016 Show Master


Junior Show Master
Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose - Junior Show Master


Best in Show

Red-Texas-Hybrid 480
red texas hybrid (faded) shown by Gregg Chiodo


Reserved Best-in-Show
Microdevario kubotai (Green Neon Rasbora) 107 2016 480

Microdevario kubotai - green neon 'rasbora' shown by Frank Lintgen


People's Choice: Best Fish

Symphysodon aequifasciatus Albino Platinum - People's Choice
FIRST "Albino Platinum" discus shown by Beth Johnson

People's Choice: Best Tank

aquascape-7525 480
FIRST aquascape shown by Karen Bergem