The Minnesota Aquarium Society (MAS, pronounced M--A--S) is a collection of local aquarists with the purpose of learning, sharing information, and motivating each other.   By raising the bar of our expectations and meeting monthly, members go deeper in the hobby, try new aspects that they never would have on their own (like building a "fishroom"), and stay in the hobby much longer.  There is something about associating with others who share our passion.

MAS was founded in 1931 and incorporated as a nonprofit in 1956 with the expressed goal of studying and keeping aquatic life and fostering a community of aquarists.

MAS programs:

Monthly Meetings  are the first Thursday of every month and are open to the public.  The focus of each event is a one-hour topic-driven program, featuring either MAS members, local talent, or national speakers.  We begin with a chance to meet other aquarists and to connect regularly with established friends to share stories, knowledge, inspiration -- and sometimes fish, plants, or an invitation to visit a fishroom.  We conclude with a mini auction of fish and plants the members have raised as part of our breeders and horticulturists programs.  We meet just off Hwy 36 between 35W and 35E, relatively central to the Twin Cities.

Quarterly Auctions allow local aquarists to sell and buy fish, plants, tanks, and gear.  Expect many fish that are locally bred and plants locally grown -- and often of hard-to-find species.  Futher, we partner with Habitattitude to offer anyone to bring and surrender unwanted fish to these events that we will rehome.  The events are open and free to public.

Annual Weekend Event.  Each year, typically in the Spring, MAS sponsors a free city-wide event that includes a display of at least 100 aquaria along with other activities and speakers.  Traditionally, the Aquarium Show focuses on the members.  New in 2019 is the Aquarium Expo though which members display their best and reach out to the public with presentations and the offer to help them become more successful.

Breeders Award Program (BAP), Horticulturists Award Program (HAP).  For over thirty years MAS has been running these programs to track the breeding and growing successes of its members and to publically recognize accommplishments with awards at the Membership Meetings.  We have found that these organized programs have encouraged new people to try breeding fish and growing plants and to advance in these skills.

Special Events.  From time-to-time MAS will organize additional events.  In the past these have included fish collecting trips in the local streams (MAS obtains permits), tours of local members fishrooms, and bonus talks by out-of-town speakers, tyically held a member's home and fishroom.

To keep up with MAS programs and scheduling, visit as well as sign up for email notices (signup form on the website).

We, the members of the Aquarium Society, invite you to join us.  Hang around a little and we'll motivate you to take your hobby further and to become a better aquarist.