Minnesota Aquarium Society presents
Hagfors Center, Augsburg University, Minneapolis



9 A.M. - 7 P.M.


Fishroom Spotlight

The Fishroom Spotlight will focus on the fishroom of one MAS member each hour.  The spotlighted member will discuss his fishroom along with the whys and hows.  We will be showing some photos and you will have the chance to ask questions – either during the session or by connecting and talking afterward.

These sessions will be held during the second half of the hour in the dedicated Fishroom Spotlight Room.  Clark Orlaska will be moderating Q&A for each session during these twenty-minute sessions.

The selection of MAS member fishrooms represents a diversity of interests, objectives, and styles.  We hope you find one or two that are similar to your interests.

Dan Rowe

main interests: the planted aquarium
style: large tanks on the side of a large finished room in the basement.  Presentation is important.

in the spotlight: 10:30 am 

Rich Smaciarz

main interests: catfishes and breeding
style: converted a small stand-alone building into a large fishroom with a centralized system for draining/refilling and a large r/o production system.
note: This room was designed and built by Brad Swanson who will be presenting Building a Fishroom at 4:00 pm
in the spotlight:  11:30 am

Milo Squires

main interests: small and rare fish, breeding
style: a basement fishroom for collecting species and working with his fish.
note: Milo recently designed and built out this room starting with an unfinished basement.

in the spotlight:  1:30 pm

Bob Randall

main interests: collecting and breeding cichlids (many large species)
style: side room of large tanks, some overflowing in the finished living area of the basement

in the spotlight: 2:30 pm

Andrew Bogott

main interests: collecting and breeding rare species, experimenting with new techniques
style: unfinished basement intended for collecting species breeding and observing the fish. A lab-like approach.

in the spotlight: 3:30 pm

Mike Fries

main interests: varied species, breeding
style: a large basement fishroom with a finished and uniform look
note: This room was designed and built by Brad Swanson who will be presenting Building a Fishroom, the half-hour previous to Mike's spotlight.

in the spotlight: 4:30 pm

Hourly Schedule

Throughout the day we will be following this hourly schedule. 
  • :00 - :25  —  Sessions (presentations & panel discussions)
  • :30 - :50  —  Fishroom Spotlight
  • :50 - :59  —  Raffle (Atrium)

The aquarium displays and Marketplace are always open.

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