Minnesota Aquarium Society presents
Hagfors Center, Augsburg University, Minneapolis



9 A.M. - 7 P.M.



The Green Track:
Titles that are green denote a session that we feel is a good choice for beginners, casual aquarists, and "tag-along" family members.
TIMESession Room ASession Room BFishroom Spotlight
9:00 doors open
10:00 Collecting in the Rainforest    
10:30     Dan Rowe
10:50 raffle  (atrium)  
11:00 How to Deal with Unwanted Fish Living Room Aquaria  
11:30     Rich Smaciarz
11:50 raffle  (atrium)  
Noon Acquiring Rare Species    
12:30 lunch break
12:50 raffle  (atrium)
1:00 Breeders Panel Q&A  
1:30     Milo Squires
1:50 raffle  (atrium)
2:00 Aquascaping Transforming an Aquarium into an Art Form Good Fish / Bad Fish  
2:30     Bob Randall
2:50 raffle  (atrium)
3:00 Aquarium Catfishes Success with Plants  
3:30     Andrew Bogott
3:50 raffle  (atrium)
4:00 From Hobby to Profession Building a Fishroom  
4:30     Mike Fries
4:50 raffle  (atrium)
5:00 Success Stories    
5:30 Grand Prize Raffle
  displays and Marketplace open

the Expo closes at 7:00pm

Presentations at the Expo

Every hour we offer two presentations or panel discussions led by knowledgeable members of the Minnesota Aquarium Society.  Find the topics that fit your interests and learn.  Each session includes a time for questions-and-answers .

Acquiring Rare Species

An appealing aspect of the hobby is to acquire intriguing fish or plants for your aquarium.  Maybe you’ve read about it or seen pictures, but it just is not available from your local fishstore.  What options do you have to find it?  Member Andrew Bogott shares how he and many of us in the Aquarium Society find and acquire those rarer species.

sponsored by MAS's Breeders Award Program

Breeders Panel

Sometimes it is not enough to just own a species.  Thrill and satisfaction rewards the aquarist who witnesses a spawning and is successful in raising fry.  Our Breeders Award Program (BAP) encourages members to breed fish and formally recognizes accomplishments.  Hear the discussion from a diverse panel of local breeders as they share their experiences and answer your questions.

sponsored by BuyPetShrimp.com

Aquascaping: Transforming an Aquarium into an Art Form

Transform your glass box from a common fish tank into a visual aquarium.  It is one thing to be successful with keeping a fish healthy.  Yet it is another to know how to choose and arrange plants, driftwood, and rocks into an appealing – and arguably stunning – visual display that draws attention.  Visit the Expo’s display room and view several remarkable designs.  Many of those designers are panelists ready to discuss their craft and share their insights.

sponsored by MN Planted Tanks Aquatics

Q&A (Beginners Welcomed!)

Long-time store owner and aquarist, Teresa Seaberg, will be available to answer your questions about being a successful fishkeeper.  Participate with you own question, or just sit back to listen and learn.  Every question is valid.

sponsored by Minnesota Aquarium Society

Good Fish and Bad Fish

Teresa Seaberg has works for years running a shop and selling fish to new and established aquarists.  Listen as she shares her insights as to what species make a good fish for the home aquaria, and what species you probably ought to avoid.

sponsored by HabitAttitude

Collecting in the Rainforest

Hear from two MAS members who have collected in the Amazon and in West Africa.  Why did they go? What was it like?  What species did they find?  How much did it cost?  We're sure you will have more questions to add.

sponsored by Minnesota Aquarium Society

From Hobby to Profession

Hear from local aquarists who were able to find a career in a related field:  Como Zoo, research, DNR, and a fish store owner.  What are their journeys to secure these jobs?  What is it like to work in these fields compared to the hobby?  If you or a young aquarist would like to consider a job in related to your hobby, this is your change to listen and ask the questions you ought to know.

sponsored by Premier Aquarium Service

Success With Plants

Aquarium keeping is a visual hobby.  Plants not only adds visual interest to a tank, but makes your fish feel more at home in their captive glass boxes.  But many beginners struggle on their first attempts at adding live plants. Milo Squires is chair of the MAS Horticulturists program, and he has advice that will help anyone make a successful transition into the planted tank.  Whether you do not want to invest in special equipment or are willing to give it a try, we’ll help you get off to a great start.

sponsored by MAS's Horticulturists Award Program

Livingroom Aquaria

An aquarium in a livingroom can be quite stunning.  In this sponsored presentation, New Wave Aquaria will be discussing and showing examples of top-end aquaria that they have designed for the homes of professionals.  Whether you like to get your hands wet or just like to look, get inspired as to what an aquarium can do for your home.

sponsored by New Wave Aquatics

Aquarium Catfishes

MAS is fortunate to have catfish experts within its membership.  This panel will be sharing their experiences with catfishes, teaching you a few details you probably don't know, and fielding your questions.

sponsored by Pondside

Building a Fishroom

After you realize that you need more than one or two tanks, you will want to start builidng your "fishroom."  Brad Swanson has built two impressive fishrooms for fellow members, and he is currently rebuilding his own.  Hear Brad share his approach and the tips/tricks you ought to know – whether you are starting from scratch or want to rebuild it.

sponsored by Swiss Tropicals

How to Deal with Unwanted Fish

Doug Jensen, U of M Sea Grant Program, will discuss responsibilities that fall upon us as fish keepers. All species we keep should not be released into Minnesota waters because they could be invasive. Some species should not be kept because they are illegal. Learn about how you can rehome or responsibly dispose of fish you know longer want.
MAS regularly partners with the Habitattitude Collaborative Network to host Habitattitude Surrender events – an open invitation for the public to bring us unwanted fish for rehoming.

Success Stories

After all the other presentations are over, listen to a panel of local aquarists share their success stories.  What motivates them?  Where have they been challenged?  How have they discovered success? Hint:  Success comes from being a part of group of like-mined others who share their experiences and provide motivation.  We are sharing so you can learn from others, expect more from yourself, and go home motivated!

sponsored by Minnesota Aquarium Society

Hourly Schedule

Throughout the day we will be following this hourly schedule. 
  • :00 - :25  —  Sessions (presentations & panel discussions)
  • :30 - :50  —  Fishroom Spotlight
  • :50 - :59  —  Raffle (Atrium)

The aquarium displays and Marketplace are always open.

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