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Fish Surrender
January 27
Next auction

Do you have fish or plants that you can no longer care for? Bring them to the Minnesota Aquarium Society’s upcoming auction distribution on November 18 and let us find new homes for them!

Bagged Goldfish

The Minnesota Aquarium Society runs a Surrender Program to rehome unwanted fish and plants. At every public aquarium society event, we will have a Surrender table where a volunteer will be happy to take your pets and find new homes for them.  People attending the event will have the first opportunity to adopt your pets as they will be made available for auction there. Any pet not purchased at auction will be taken to local fish store partners and made available for purchase there. So please, don’t euthanize animals that you can no longer care for; bring them to us and let us give them a second chance for a home!


Please do not bring any plants or animals on the Minnesota DNR’s Prohibited Species List.  

If you can, please let us know what you are bringing in via email to surrender@aquarium.mn. This will increase the chances that we can find a new home for them. 

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