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  • Online Meeting Guidelines

online meetings

We meet the first Thursday of each month.  During the pandemic, the meetings are online via Zoom.  The meeting is truly a "meeting" where you will be able to see and converse with fellow attendees -- only during announcements and the presentation will we be in "webinar" mode. 

The meetings can be attended via phone, tablet, or desktop -- using the device's camera, microphone, and speakers.  However, the meeting invitation will provide an option for you to dial in and talk/listen by phone.  Desktop tends to give a better experience. 

link to meeting

Attendance is open to the public. To attend, one must register in advance. We will provide a link to the meeting in the events listing on this website. The link will also be broadcasted via our email notices.

Click the link to register, and then you will receive the link to the meeting.  Be aware that each link can be used by only one person at the same time - so do not share your link if you plan to attend as well.


  • Attendees will be let into the online meeting at 7:00pm.
  • Meeting starts at 7:15 pm
  • We start with announcements and (if needed) any Club business.
  • The focus of each meeting is an 30-minute presentation by a guest speaker.  You will be able to submit questions via chat.
  • After the presentation, you will have options:
    • remain in the main room to ask questions of the speaker and hear his/her responses.
    • or go to select and enter one of the themed breakout room for small group sharing and discussions. This is a great chance to get to know fellow aquarists.
  • The breakout sessions have no formal conclusion.  You are free to sign-off whenever you would like.  One breakout room has been active as late at 10:00. 

meeting protocol

  • We encourage attendees to share their video feed as that makes for a more natural experience.
  • Background noise is obnoxious and distracting. If you do have background noise, please mute yourself.
  • Attendees will be muted during the presentation, but attendees can submit questions via chat.
  • Respect the speaker and the other meeting attendees
  • During the breakout sessions
    • There will be a moderator in each themed room.  The moderator will control the conversation.  The moderator will try to give everyone a time to talk and share, and no one should feel obligated.  
    • Do not dominate the conversation. Listen when someone else is talking.  Do not maintain one-on-one conversations that require everyone else to be a spectator.  If you and someone else would like an extended personal conversation, ask the moderator if there is a private room available. The moderator has the right to mute or remove someone from the room.