About MAS
  • Feel part of an organization that promotes excellence in aquarium keeping.
  • Connect and network with other local aquarists. 
  • Support an organization that brings nationally known experts to MAS. 
  • Gain insights, support, and recognition for breeding fish and propogating plants through our BAP (Breeder Award Program) and HAP (Horticulturist Award Program).
  • Obtain new fish and plants from fellow members through the BAP/HAP auction at each monthly meeting. These auctions are only for members.
  • Opportunity to be involved in MAS annual fish show. This event is a time for many members to take a few days off work and really enjoy the hobby.
  • Participate in the December Plant Extravaganza. Only members are allowed to purchase these uncommon plants at fantastic prices.
  • Save money at the auctions. At each of the three MAS major auctions held in January, April or May, and October, selling members are charged a smaller % of sale price compared to selling non members are charged 30% of sale price.
  • Soon-to-come: special member privileges to accessing information and announcements through the MAS website.