helping aquarists become more successful since 1931
  • The Organization

Our Articles of Incorporation state that the purpose of the Society is:
  1. to promote an interest in the study, breeding, exhibiting, and owning of all aquatic life
  2. to foster and promote friendships and a fraternal spirit among the members
  3. it shall not be the purpose of this corporation to make any profit, unless it shall be devoted to these two purposes.



  • People start gathering and socializing by 7:00 pm
  • Meetings start at 7:15 pm
  • We start with announcements and (if needed) any Club business.
  • The focus of each meeting is an hour-long presentation (sometimes longer).
  • Membership is typically given 10 minutes for further socializing and reviewing items on the BAP/HAP table. For those who need to leave early, this provides a smooth exit time.
  • We close the meetings with the BAP/HAP auction of fish/plants that members have bred/propogated.  Only fellow members may bid on these items.
  • Meetings typically conclude between 9:30 and 10:00 pm.


meeting protocol

  • Respect the speaker and the other meeting attendees
  • People of all ages are encouraged to attend, but:
    • Children must be attended to at all times during meetings or special events – no child can be unsupervised
  • During the presentation or when MAS is addressing attendees, social/side conversations need to be moved outside the meeting room
  • We are guests in these facilities, respect the property of our hosts
    • If you see something break or become damaged, please bring it to our attention
The Minnesota Aquarium Society is a nonprofit organization by and for local aquarists.  It's purpose is to encourage the study, keeping, propogation, and exhibit of aquatic life – as well as enable socialization of its members. 

The funds raised from memberships and funds-based programs support these efforts:
  • Monthly meetings for:
    • hour-long presentations by local experts and national speakers
    • socializing and networking among local aquarists
    • formal recognition of members for accomplishments
  • Annual events for the public: such as the Aquarium Expo
  • Surrender Program (enabling people to 'surrender' fish they no longer want while MAS finds them a home)
  • Publication of information: events, news, articles written by members
  • Public services: such as helping fund local schools to set-up stocked aquaria.
  • Provide participants for Minnesota panels and brainstorming sessions:
    e.g., forum on the state's fish trade (Minnesota DNR) , Habitatittude (Sea Grant / U of M), unveiling a new stamp at Mall of America (U.S. Postal Service)
While our monthly meetings are open to all, membership in MAS includes special priviledges:
  • ability to participate in programs such as BAP and HAP and to earn awards and recognition.
  • abilty to bid on items at monthly meetings
  • ability to participate in special activities such as darter collecting, fishroom tours, and the annual Plant Extravaganza
  • full access to the MAS website and its members-only features.  This includes the improved ability to connect and communicate with other members.
  • receive discounts that some stores may offer
  • ability to vote at MAS elections
  • ability to serve on committees, as a chair, or as a board member
Being a member is just a good way to belong to this local community of fellow aquarists who share the same interests and passions.

MAS offers three types of memberships:  Individual, Family, and Junior

Select a membership type and join now.

MAS Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. and are open to members of the Minnesota Aquarium Society. 
During social-distancing, the board is convening via online meetings. No location has yet been declared for when Board meeting return to in-person meetings.
If you plan to attend, please contact a Board member in advance to confirm the location of that month's meeting.

The following is a summary from the MAS Bylaws as ratified in 2016...

The board consists of six elected positions: president, vice-president, four directors; and three appointed positions: treasurer, secretary and under-director.

Elected officers serve for two years. A new president is elected every year along with two of the four directors. The outgoing president becomes the vice-president.  Terms for the elected positions begin upon the conclusion of the June general meeting.

At the beginning of the June meeting for the Board of Directors, as the new board is meeting for the first time, members may be nominated for the appointed positions (treasurer, secretary, under-director).  These officers are appointed by a majority vote of the current directors. 

If you have any concerns, suggestions, or offers to help, feel free to contact them, simply click on their title. 

MAS Board of Directors

President open (filled by VP until next election)
Vice-President Dan Rowe
Treasurer Curt Kafer
Secretary Clark Orlaska
Under Director Milo Squires
Director 1 Willie Loh
Director 3 Jeremiah Grafsgaard
Director 2 open (to be filled at next election)
Director 4 open (to be filled at next election)

All committee chairs are volunteer positions and are vital for the health of the club. If you’d like to get involved, email the person who’s in charge of your area of interest. Many hands make light work, so we’re always ready to bring some new people on board!

Do you want to contact one of the committee chairs? Click on their title, they'd love to hear from you!

(Chairpersons in bold)
Expo / Annual Event [2020 Expo: Dan Rowe, Teresa Seaberg, Willie Loh] 
Brad Swanson
Curt Kafer
BAP Randy Carey
Andrew Bogott, Milo Squires
HAP Milo Squires
BAP/HAP Data Tyler Volk
Membership Jen Knutson
Dario De Paz, Randy  Carey
Programs (speakers) Brian Dahlberg
Randy Carey, Dan Rowe, Stephan Tanner, Teresa Seaberg
Promotions Joe Theisen
Dan Rowe, Dario De Paz
Special Events  Clark Orlaska
Jen Kruckenberg
Outreach Committee Teresa Seaberg

At each May meeting we hold elections for President and two Board of Directors.  


At the May meeting, one must have been an MAS member for the preceding 6 months. A Director must agree to abide by the goals and mission, the Bylaws and Articles of Corporation, as well as by the applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  No Board member should hold a conflict of interest that would compromise his/her decisions while serving on the Board.


  • The president serves one year as president, then a second year as vice president.  The president runs the general meeting and the Board meetings.  If there are open positions, the president is responsible for seeing that the positions are filled - either by directly contacting candidates or by delegating. The president nominates/assigns MAS members to fill the voting positions of treasurer, secretary, and under director.
  • Each Board of Director position runs for two years. (Each year, at least two of the four directors are open for election.  Additional positions may come open.) 
  • All these positions are voting positions.  The Board of Directors meets during the evening of the second Thursday of the month (exactly one week after the monthly general meetings).  All Officers and Board members are expected to attend every month (both general and board meetings), however your fellow officers will understand when extenuating circumstances arise (such as a vacation, family emergency, or an infrequent work conflict).
  • The terms for elected positions begin at the conclusion of the June general meeting, so newly elected members are expected to participate at the June Board meeting.

to run for one of these positions

Attend the May monthly meeting.  Either ask someone to nominate you or feel welcome to volunteer yourself as a candidate.  Elections are held at the start of that meeting and the results will be known before the meeting ends.

The MAS Board of Directors approved a new set of Bylaws on June 9, 2016, and the membership voted overwhelmingly to accept these.  The full text of the new Bylaws can be found here: