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  • Annual Elections

At each May meeting we hold elections for President and two Board of Directors.  


At the May meeting, one must have been an MAS member for the preceding 6 months. A Director must agree to abide by the goals and mission, the Bylaws and Articles of Corporation, as well as by the applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  No Board member should hold a conflict of interest that would compromise his/her decisions while serving on the Board.


  • The president serves one year as president, then a second year as vice president.  The president runs the general meeting and the Board meetings.  If there are open positions, the president is responsible for seeing that the positions are filled - either by directly contacting candidates or by delegating. The president nominates/assigns MAS members to fill the voting positions of treasurer, secretary, and under director.
  • Each Board of Director position runs for two years. (Each year, at least two of the four directors are open for election.  Additional positions may come open.) 
  • All these positions are voting positions.  The Board of Directors meets during the evening of the second Thursday of the month (exactly one week after the monthly general meetings).  All Officers and Board members are expected to attend every month (both general and board meetings), however your fellow officers will understand when extenuating circumstances arise (such as a vacation, family emergency, or an infrequent work conflict).
  • The terms for elected positions begin at the conclusion of the June general meeting, so newly elected members are expected to participate at the June Board meeting.

to run for one of these positions

Attend the May monthly meeting.  Either ask someone to nominate you or feel welcome to volunteer yourself as a candidate.  Elections are held at the start of that meeting and the results will be known before the meeting ends.