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If you have any concerns, suggestions, or offers to help, feel free to contact them, simply click on their title. 

MAS Board of Directors

President Clark Orlaska 20  Clark Orlaska
Vice-President Willie Loh 20  Willie Loh
Treasurer Curt Kafer 20  Curt Kafer
Secretary - position open -
Under Director Brad Swanson 20  Brad Swanson
Director 1  Scott Leiferman.x200 Scott Leiferman
Director 3 Dan Rowe 20  Dan Rowe
Director 2 Randy Carey 20  Randy Carey
Director 4 Teresa Seaberg 20  Teresa Seaberg

MAS Board Meetings are held currently online on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. These are open to members of the Minnesota Aquarium Society, so if you would like to sit in, please either contact a Board Member or submit a request through our contact-us page.  

The following is a summary from the MAS Bylaws regarding the Society's Board...

The board consists of six elected positions: president, vice-president, four directors; and three board-appointed positions: treasurer, secretary and under-director.

Elected officers serve for two years. A new president is elected every year along with two of the four directors. The outgoing president becomes the vice-president.  Terms for the elected positions begin upon the conclusion of the June general meeting.

At the beginning of the June meeting for the Board of Directors, as the new board is meeting for the first time, members may be nominated for the appointed positions (treasurer, secretary, under-director).  These officers are appointed by a majority vote of the current directors. 

All committee chairs are volunteer positions.  Feel free to contact them with questions or concerns.  If you are interested in helping MAS and getting to know more people within the Society, by all means either contact a one of the chairpersons below or submit an interest through our volunteer form.

Annual Event - - - - -
Brad Swanson
BAP Randy Carey
HAP Milo Squires
BAP/HAP Data Brittany Selix
Membership Scott Leiferman
Programs (speakers) Willie Loh
Promotions Teresa Seaberg
Special Events - - - - -
Web/Online Randy Carey