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  • 200-Bag Auction!-Monthly Meeting

200-Bag Auction!

Thu, Aug 04, 2016   7:15 pm

Monthly Meeting

King of Kings Lutheran Church 2330 North Dale Street, Rosevilleview map

RULES are posted below...

We are trying something different: using a monthly meeting that is centered around an auction.  We don't have full day auctions in the summer, but this evening should satisfy that gap.

If you are a seller, we will allow you to register your bags of fish and/or plants - just like you  would for the Saturday auctions.  Register your bags here:

Everyone attending can be a buyer.  Just show up, register, user your buyer number, and pay for what items you win.

auction at monthly meeting 


Note: pre-registration ends at noon on Thursday, August 4.

  • This auction will accept only fish and plants - no hardgoods, no food.
  • Only pre-registered items may be included.  Any items brought to the meeting that were not registered in advance through our online system will not be added to the auction.  Pre-registration is now open: .
  • Anyone with an MAS seller or buyer number can pre-register and bring bags to the auction.
  • Anyone attending the meeting may obtain a buyer number and bid.
  • To keep the auction size under control... The registration system will allow a maximum of 10 bags per person, and a total maximum of 200 items.  So... You will not be able to register more than 10 items. You will not be able to register any items once we reach 200 items total.  
  • Even if the total fails to reach 200 items total, MAS will not be accepting any additions the evening of the auction.  We have a time limit and cannot accommodate at-the-event registrations.
  • MAS/Seller split is the same as for our Saturday auctions:  MAS takes either the the first $2 versus 25% (whichever is greater).
  • All items must be brought in fish bags only.

Week of the auction:

Week of the auction:  We will publish here on the MAS site a list of species that have already be submitted online.  So please register early [a] to get the advance word out that your fish will be at this auction, and [b] to guarantee you make the 200 item cut-off.

Sellers - Sunday:  We recommend you stop feeding your fish after Sunday, especially for larger fish.   This will allow the fish to remain in their bags for multiple days.

Seller - Wednesday: We recommend you bag your fish Wednesday.  Give them more air than water in the bag.  Have your box packed and ready to take to the meeting Thursday evening.  as long as you have not overfed them and have given them plenty of air in the bag, they should be fine throughout Thursday and Friday.

Evening of the event:  Given our limited time (Thursday evening), we will start promptly.  We will have preprinted labels to hand out to you starting at 6:30pm  We recommend you arrive early, else your bags will be placed at the end of the auction.