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  • Livebearers with Cichlids of Central America-Monthly Meeting

Livebearers with Cichlids of Central America

Thu, Dec 02, 2021   7:00 pm

Monthly Meeting

Rusty Wessel discusses fish collecting in Central America during Covid, with underwater videos of native fish habitats in the region.  Rusty will also discuss how cichlids and livebearers from Central America interact in nature, as well as in aquariums. 

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This is a hybrid meeting.  Please note...
  • It is available online via a Zoom registration (as usual), also..
  • One may attend in-person for the live presentation with the speaker.
To attend online, please Register now (before you forget)
then just before the meeting you will receive an email reminder with the event link.
To attend in-person:  Arrive before 7:00pm at the St. Cloud State Plymouth Campus:   9750 Rockford Rd, Plymouth, MN 55442 (NE corner of 169 and Rockford Road). [map] 
-- note that the facilities requires each attendee to enter with a mask.
Speaker Q&A:  will be available after the presentation for those attending in-person and for those online.  Note that this portion must end by 9:00pm
Moderated Breakout Room:   is available only to online attendees and typically run past 10:00pm.  If you are attending online, you may join the breakout room immediately after the presentation or as the Q&A session is ending.

Rusty WesselRusty Wessel is a prolific author and photographer, with pictures and articles appearing in Aquarium Fish Magazine, Aquarist and Pondkeeper, Buntbarsche Bulletin, Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and others. With decades of experience and participation in the aquarium hobby, Rusty is an active solicitor for the Guy Jordan Endowment Fund which funds cichlid research, a participant in the ACA/ZooMed Speaker’s Program, and the ‘Back Issue Sales Person’ for the American Cichlid Association.

Rusty maintains 8,000+ gallons of freshwater aquariums in a dedicated fish house at his home in Louisville. His 90+ aquarium contain predominantly cichlids and livebearers, mostly from Central America. Rusty has made 150+ collecting trips to date and successfully collected fish from Africa and Central America. Theraps wesseli, a cichlid native to Honduras, is named after him.