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  • All About Brine Shrimp-Monthly Meeting

All About Brine Shrimp

Thu, Jun 03, 2021   7:15 pm

Monthly Meeting

The discovery of brine shrimp as a viable food source for aquarium fish happened around 1928; since then, much has changed, and many people wonder what happened to the source of live brine shrimp that helped shape the hobby. This presentation will look at the history of brine shrimp, its viability as fish food, SFBB hatching methods, ongrowing brine shrimp, new brine shrimp technologies, and more.

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Jason Oneppo is a salesman and the research and development manager for San Francisco Bay Brand and has over 30 years of experience in the aquarium industry. His interest in aquariums began when his father, brother, and he would visit the local fish store to purchase fish for their aquarium. When he turned 14, the store offered Jason his first job. Coincidentally, this is where he would first begin selling live and frozen brine shrimp from San Francisco Bay Brand. He continued to work at local fish stores for approximately 14 years until getting a job at San FranciscoJason Oneppo Bay Brand after graduating college. He has contributed several articles to various aquarium magazines, including the 2018 article (along with a contribution from Andreas Schmidt and the Amazonas staff) in Amazonas magazine titled The Aquatics Industry That Artemia Built commemorating San Francisco Bay Brand’s 50th anniversary. His first experience hatching brine shrimp was around age 12 when he found an old San Francisco Bay Brand Shrimpery Kit in his parents’ basement.