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  • A Pragmatist’s Guide to Killie Keeping-Monthly Meeting

A Pragmatist’s Guide to Killie Keeping

Thu, Oct 01, 2015   7:15 pm

Monthly Meeting

King of Kings Lutheran Church 2330 North Dale Street, Rosevilleview map

Explores the Myths & Legends of killies that have historically arisen, some of which still currently populate the social  and pseudo-scientific media; suggests a commonsense approach to selecting the genera/species of killies right for the hobbyist and conducts a brief hands-on (that’s the attendees hands!) workshop.

Arthur Leuterman young


 Arthur J. J. Leuterman, Ph.D. has been keeping fish for almost sixty full years.  His first aquarium was sealed wood with an oval viewing port made by his dad.  He spent 37 plus years in the oil industry traveling a great deal, which afforded him the opportunity to traipse through the outdoors, photograph and collect wildlife and meet with/learn from local cultures on six of the seven continents.  Like many avid hobbyists he has tried and occasionally propagated various species for several generations.  Currently he maintains forty-two aquaria breeding Apistos, Killies, Julies, Ancistrus, Cyprichromis, Tropheus and Lepidiolamprologus. 

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