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  • Blackwater Fish Collecting in the Amazon-Monthly Meeting

Blackwater Fish Collecting in the Amazon

Thu, Apr 04, 2019   7:15 pm

Monthly Meeting

King of Kings Lutheran Church 2330 North Dale Street, Rosevilleview map
Randy Carey shares his experiences of a rainforest expedition while writing for TFH magazine. The focus is on the Rio Negro (a blackwater system), collecting fish here, and the impact of tropical fish collecting on the river and its people.

More than just collecting stories...  How do blackwater systems vary from whitewater systems?  What are the seasonal changes in this part of the Rainforest, and how does that impact the fish's lifecycle as well as how they are collected?  How are fish collected by the local fishermen?  What are the steps from fishermen to our tanks?  Is there a risk to over-collecting the cardinal tetra?  How does "Rainforest destruction" fit into all of this?

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