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  • The Amazing Diversity of Livebearers-Monthly Meeting

The Amazing Diversity of Livebearers

Thu, Dec 03, 2020   7:15 pm

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Monthly Meeting

The Amazing Diversity of Livebearers: Strange Habitats, Unusual Adaptations, and Complex Mating Rituals

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Livebearers of the family Poeciliidae are among the most popular aquarium fishes and can be found in pretty much every pet store around the globe. They are often considered good fish for beginners to keep. But there is more to them than guppies, mollies, platys, and swordtails. In fact, there are almost 280 species of poeciliids that occur from North Carolina all the way south to Argentina. I will provide an overview of the different groups of livebearers, their reproduction, and the ways they have adapted to all kinds of weird habitats. I will be able to show pictures and tell stories from over 30 collection trips throughout Latin America and share experiences from 25 years of keeping livebearers. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about livebearers, fish keeping, and observing fish in their natural habitats.
Poeciliidae chart

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Michi ToblerPresenter Michi Tobler:  Ever since childhood, Michi has had a weird obsession with fish and other animals that live in water. Studying biology and becoming a scientist has allowed him to make his passion his profession. Today, Michi primarily studies the ecology and evolution of fish species in Latin America, allowing him to travel to exotic places and observing fish in their natural environments. In addition, Michi studies the genetics, physiology, and behavior of fish in his laboratory at K-State. At work, he oversees a fish facility with over 250 fish tanks, all devoted to livebearers. And yes, he still keeps fish tanks at home, too.