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  • Domestic Betta Splendens-Monthly Meeting

Domestic Betta Splendens

Thu, Feb 04, 2021   7:00 pm

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Monthly Meeting

Holly Rutan will cover a history of the fish’s origin, the various types in the hobby, and their keep and care. She will also discuss basic genetics and breeding of bettas, including the latest strains entering the hobby.

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Holly RutanHolly Rutan is a librarian and a published novelist.  In 2014, Holly’s library wanted to adopt a pet for their summer reading program, “Paws for Reading”.  They weren’t allowed to have a cat and ended up with a blue betta.  “Mister Kitty” lived on Holly’s desk and supervised her paperwork and the rest is history.  Today, Holly is chairperson of the International Betta Congress.  She also chairs the IBC Judging Board