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  • Adventures in Fish Breeding-Monthly Meeting

Adventures in Fish Breeding

Thu, Mar 04, 2021   7:15 pm

Monthly Meeting


In this talk I discuss the challenges of spawning fish, sharing many of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the past 50 years from my own experience and from other hobbyists who have gone before. I offer a few specific examples to inspire listeners to try to think outside of the glass box and maybe try their hand at breeding something more than just a few of the common community fish that most people breed.  Throughout I throw in how I used many of these tips and tricks to win the first ever TFH Fish Breeder’s Challenge. 

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Mike HellwegMike Hellweg has been fascinated by fishes all his life, and has had various fishes as pets since he could barely reach the top of the goldfish bowl; he has been successfully breeding and trading fish with local shops since he was 9 years old.  Over the past five decades plus he has specialized mainly in miniature fishes, and has had successful spawns from over 475 species representing 33 families of fish.  He currently owns a small fish hatchery and maintains about 3000 gallons divided into 100 tanks.  He is the top ranked breeder of all time in the Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc. (MASI) BAP, the top ranked aquatic horticulturist of all time in MASI’s HAP with over 320 submissions from 50 families, including more than a dozen by seed, and he is an ALA Century Breeder, with nearly 150 species of Livebearers spawned.  He credits all of these successes to large regular water changes, keeping live plants in every tank and culturing and feeding an assortment of live foods daily for both his breeding stock and for growing the fry of these diverse fish.

Over the past three plus decades, Mike has given over 350 talks to classes, clubs, groups and conventions all over the USA and Canada, has documented many of his keeping and spawning successes in over 375 articles published in hobby publications around the world, and he has had two books on live foods published by TFH Publications.