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From Fresh to Salt

Thu, Mar 02, 2023   7:00 pm

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Monthly Meeting


It can be daunting starting out on your first saltwater aquarium.  If you've been in freshwater your entire life, trying to understand, and afford, some of the saltwater gear may seem like too much.  But it doesn't have to be.  

Just like freshwater, there are many different types of builds out there, some of which are simple and need little filtration, and others that require special CO2 dosers, fertilizers, and specialized skills.

But building a saltwater tank can actually be quite simple and affordable, and you can probably use almost all of your gear from the freshwater side of thing.

Matthew will walk you through his journey in the hobby, inspire you with different tank options, and offer some simple advice for making the switch and setting up your first saltwater aquarium.

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Matthew Zahler 280Matthew, or "My First Fish Tank" as he's known online, is a YouTube Content Creator for Bulk Reef Supply.  He got his start in the hobby back in high school taking care of a saltwater tank in his Marine Biology Class, but he didn't actually setup his first tank until 2014. His life took him into the Jesuit Seminary for three years, before getting his MA in Theology, and teaching in various Catholic schools in the Seattle area.

In 2013, while living in Hawai'i with his wife Dana, and children Gracie and Evan, he decided it was time to build his first saltwater tank.  He did tons of research, read the few books that were available, and binged everything on YouTube, and felt overwhelmed.  There was so much new jargon to learn, and nothing seemed to be geared specifically for beginners.

So he decided to start making YouTube videos at the same time he set up his new tank.  Having no knowledge of video editing or lighting, his early attempts (which you can still see on his personal YouTube channel), were pretty abysmal, but the more he made, the better he got.

Eventually he was introduced to Marine Depot, and starting a fruitful collaboration making weekly videos.  He honed his craft, and when Marine Depot was purchased by Bulk Reef Supply, he joined the BRS team as a full time content creator, specifically helping beginners start their saltwater journey.

my first tank softies.400In his free time, Matthew is a pretty introverted guy, and likes to read, travel around Southern California, play board games with his wife, and of course take care of his many fish tanks.