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Aquarium Communities

Thu, May 04, 2023   7:00 pm

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Monthly Meeting


A look at keeping more species in fewer tanks for the basic aquarist.  How, why, what...  Basic talk with tips for the aquarist who wants to keep more fish but can't afford, doesn't want or isn't allowed space for additional tanks.  Spin offs for the aquarist with additional tanks or specific genre interests.  Includes niches, sizes, plants, water considerations, problem solutions and example tanks.  Program recipients should emerge with a working knowledge of how to develop a multispecies community tank of nearly any size.
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Chuck BremerChuck was born and raised on a farm in Southern Illinois and was given a tank at 9 years of age.  But, with no money for stocking, he became interested in collecting on the farm and the communities that presented themselves there.  As he aged and moved frequently for school and succeeding work experiences, including overseas, he continued to develop the community approach out of necessity.  Having grown up on a livestock farm and an Agronomist by profession, Chuck specializes further in livebearering fish and highly productive low-tech planted tanks - each still part of a community.

Chuck's first experience with an organized club was nearly 50 years after that first tank, when he discovered one of our MAS auctions and purchased 11 tanks to begin his own fish room.  Since that first introduction to the Minnesota Aquarium Society, he now lives near St Louis and currently is editor for the Missouri Aquarium Society's newsletter, The Darter.