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  • Secrets to Quickly Cycling Your Tank-Monthly Meeting

Secrets to Quickly Cycling Your Tank

Thu, Aug 05, 2021   7:00 pm

Monthly Meeting

Dr. Hovanec will present the basic biology on nitrifying organisms and how to use that knowledge to more easily and quickly cycle your newly set-up aquarium and be able to troubleshoot your biological filter should ammonia and/or nitrite suddenly appear in what was a cycled aquarium.  Typically, micro-organisms are not considered when setting-up an aquarium rather what is best for the fish is given precedence.  This talk will turn that around and present how to set your tank up for the maximum growth and survival of the nitrifiers and then easily switch the tank over for fish and corals but presenting practical tips based on the science of nitrifying organisms.
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Dr. Tim HovanecDr. Timothy A. Hovanec is the Founder and CEO of DrTim’s Aquatics, LLC. a leading provider of innovative bacterial-based products to the aquarium industry including One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria.  Dr. Hovanec did his Ph.D. on nitrifying bacteria phylogenetics in aquaria and continues to research the microbial pathways of closed aquatic systems and to develop ‘green’ products for the aquarium industry.  Previously, Dr. Hovanec was the head of R&D for Marineland Aquarium Products and Instant Ocean for 17 years where he discovered many novel species of nitrifying bacteria. Past work experience includes managing an aquaculture facility and US Peace Corps volunteer.  Dr. Hovanec holds over 13 U.S. and foreign patents and has authored numerous papers on aquatic microbiology, water quality and filtration techniques for closed system life-support systems (many of which can be accessed at  Dr. Hovanec regularly speaks at national and international conferences and is a member of numerous scientific organizations