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  • Darter Collecting-Special Event

Darter Collecting

Sat, Jun 06, 2020   12:00 am

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Special Event

Our annual darter collecting trips run over various May weekends.  Weather will dictate which weekend days we will be collecting.  A collecting experience typically involves the morning into early afternoon, with each participant driving to the collecting location which the leader declares for that day.  MAS acquires a permit with the State of Minnesota for the collection of darters and the limited removal of collected specimens for keeping in personal aquaria.  

As the organizer and lead of these day events, MAS will
  • lead the group to established collection areas
  • teach new members the best practices for collecting darters
  • will help identify species
  • will explain and enforce responsible handling of specimens removed from streams
  • will handle the State permit and required paperwork for reporting on our activities. 
The MAS-organized collecting weekends are members-only special events.