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  • 2020 Plant Extravaganza - through Nov 30

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The 2020 Plant Extravaganza takes on a new approach to accommodate social distancing.  The purpose of this annual event is to give MAS members an opportunity to try new species of plants.

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Rather than each person walking though a crowded hallway to select plants for purchase, the MAS HAP program has designed "packages" that you order online in advance.  They will order the plants based upon received orders, and these packages will be assembled accordingly.  We cannot guarantee what species will be in each bundle, as we don't know exactly what we will receive from our providers, but each package is defined by what types of plants it will include:  low-light, medium-light, hard-water, Anubias, etc.

Each package is available at three price points.  The more expensive packages will include more plants, more variety, and in some cases some of the harder-to-find species.

Order by Monday, November 30
We are providing an online shop for you to advance order and pay for your 2020 Extravaganza packages.  Come December 1, the shop will be shut down so that the plant order will be finalized early enough for us to place an order. No late orders after Nov 30!
While you are ordering plants, you may also check out the shop for other aquarist-related items such as plastic bags and branded MAS shirts.
Maximum of 5 packages per member.
The MAS Shop is available only to MAS members.

Pickup at December 12 BAP/HAP distribution event 
On that Saturday we will be holding another distributation event for the early December BAP/HAP auction.  All items placed through the MAS Shop will be included in this distribution event.  This event will be curbside drop-off and pickup in Roseville (where we held the summer distribution events for BAP/HAP). 

Bonus raffle
For each package a person purchases, that member's name will be entered in a drawing.  A few interesting bonus plants will be added to the orders of those drawn in the raffle.

Rare and Specialty Plants
The Extravaganza always features a few rare and specialty species that are auctioned.  We will be receiving some of these, and they will be placed within the BAP/HAP auction that is scheduled for December 2nd-9th.  For now, please focus on the "hallway" plant offerings which are being sold as packages through the November online shop.

What about the strict social distancing guidelines?
We are prepared to conduct drop-off and pickup via curbside, with sorting and storing of items indoors with a skeleton staff.  All staff will be wearing masks, and runners will take fishboxes of items to-and-from the warm storage in the garage.