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  • Surrender Program - how to rehome unwanted fish

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The Surrender Program resumes in conjuction with MAS auctions.  The purpose is to allow anyone with a fish that is not wanted an outlet to "surrender" the fish so that MAS can find it a new home.  (...not wanted for any reason including too big or too aggressive.) The aquarium world agrees that this is the responsible approach as opposed to releasing captive fish into the local ponds or streams.

Here is how it works...

If the auction is designated as a "Surrender" event, just bring the fish to the auction (preferrable in a bag, but all water-holding containers such as a bucket are acceptable).   Anyone from the public with unwanted fish may drop them off at the auction 9:00-10:00am.  MAS will auction these fish off to those in attendance, and the fish will find a new home.  

Still have questions?  Use our contact-us form (at least a day before a Surrender event) and we'll be happy to explain more.

The Surrender event for April 29 will be held in the gymnasium of Lutheran Redemption Church, Bloomington -  927 East Old Shakopee Road, BloomingtonAgain, drop-off is 9:00-10:00am.  Surrendered fish will be auctioned off by 10:30 at the M.A.S. Saturday meeting.

Thanks to long-time member Kathy Metzker for restarting this program.