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  • BAP Meeting (February)-BAP Members (Breeders)

BAP Meeting (February)

Tue, Feb 22, 2022   7:00 pm

BAP Members (Breeders)


This month: 

special guest: Rosario LaCorte (New Jersey)
Rosario has been well-known in the organized hobby since the 60s.  Until the recent retirement of his fishroom a few years ago, he had been maintaining populations of the three species of emperor tetras from the 60's (thats over six decades!). When I visited his fishroom in '99, he was maintaining colonies of various uncommon species of Bedotia rainbowfishes from Madagascar.  His reputation is that he breeds what most aquarist's don't or can't.  Several species are named after him, such as the red-eye emperor tetra, Nematobrycon lacortei.  

Rosario will have just turned 93, and he does not give taks much any more.  But for use, he will be presenting "A Photo Journey" accompanied by his commentary and stories – he is a great story teller.

This monthly online event is for BAP members (Breeders Award Program).  If you would like to visit this month's meeting, email the BAP Chair.