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  • M.A.S. Saturday - Fall (includes the annual Plant Extravaganza)-Special Event

M.A.S. Saturday - Fall (includes the annual Plant Extravaganza)

Sat, Nov 19, 2022   10:00 am

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Special Event

Lutheran Church of the Redemption (Gymnasium) 927 East Old Shakopee Road, Bloomingtonview map
Held concurrently with the Saturday auction distribution (pickup items 11:00-noon)
in-person meeting starts at 10:10am
  • recognition and mini-interviews of select members
  • raffle
  • plant themed presentation
  • will include the annual Plant Extravaganza
  • lunch available
All events are open to visitors - please join us! 

view the list of plants that we ordered

Please note that not all plants we order will be available.  This list will be updated once we have a better idea of what plants are available.

Plant Extravaganza

The annual Plant Extravaganza, a popular event run by the Minnesota Aquarium Society, is now held as part of the in-person M.A.S. Saturday event in November.

First, members who specialize in aquatic plants will share their knowledge to help you make the best plant choices for your tank conditions, water, light, and aquarium, size.  Then, MAS members will be offered a wide selection of plantsfrom which they can buy at cost and take home.  The meeting is open to the public, but participating in the plant buy is limited to MAS members.

MAS orders plants from the best growers across the country and our members benefit from our bulk pricing.  Over 80 different types of plants will be available, ranging from plants ideal for easy community settings to rarer ones that require more particular growing conditions.  In addition, MAS will have show quality, centerpiece plants available via a members-only auction at the Plant Extravaganza

Members Helping Members means that MAS members who specialize in aquatic plants will share their knowledge to help you make the best choices for your conditions, water, light, and aquarium size.  What are your issues to deal with? Hard or soft water? Acid or alkaline aquarium conditions? High light, low light, only daylight?

Join us for M.A.S. Saturday and the annual Plant Extravaganza:  Redemption Lutheran Church gymnasium (927 E Old Shakopee Rd, Bloomington) on Saturday, November 19th.   The meeting starts at 10:10 and is held concurrently with the Fall Auction distribution.  Door prizes and raffles of donated items are a regular feature of our in-person M.A.S. Saturdays.  Lunch will also be available via the church, with proceeds going to fund youth activities. 

Not a member and want participate in the plant buy?   No worries –join up at