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Register to SELL at Garage Sale

Sat, Jul 09, 2022   11:30 am

Event End Date

Special Event

Lutheran Church of the Redemption (Gymnasium) 927 East Old Shakopee Road, Bloomingtonview map
  • only members may sell;  attendance is open to the public
  • aquarium-related hard goods, tanks, and printed books/magazines ONLY (no fish or plants as they belong in the auction)
  • Sale will be in a designated area of the parking lot - sell out of your car and/or from a table next to your car.  Minimal carrying.
  • Set up may begin around 11:15 (once the in-person program is finished). 
  • Sales will begin at 12:00 noon.
  • Sale rund until 2:00pm
  • Price has been dropped to $5.  Those earlier paying $10 will be refunded the difference.
questions?  contact us
Members only.  You must pre-register and pay ($5) in order to reserve a seller's spot in the Garage Sale.  Limited number of tables available, first-come first-serve.   (If you do not see the Register button, you need to be logged in and a current member.)