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BAP/HAP - March 3-13, 2021

Only logged-in MAS members have the options to submit items and to bid on each item.  
  • If you are a member, please login to access the member feautures.
  • If you are not a member and would like to participate, we welcome you to join us.
In addition to the auction, MAS offers an online shop for purchasing bags, shirts, etc. The Shop will close once the bidding concludes (January 20).  All orders placed through the shop will be available for pickup Saturday morning, at the January 23 distribution event.

Auctions are conducted by the Minnesota Aquarium Society (MAS) for its members.  Commercial sales are not permitted.  If you are not a member, you can join MAS at  Please come to the distribution point masked and practice social distancing.  Do not participate if you cannot drop off/pick up auction items at the time and place designated for distribution.  The distribution point for this auction is Lutheran Redemption Church, Bloomington.


  • Register items for sale at Sellers may start listing items beginning Wednesday January 13 and all sales items must be listed by the following Tuesday (January 19).
  • Each seller is limited to a total of 20 items. Fish and shrimp should be double bagged in clear plastic bags. Plants may be single bagged, damp with minimal water - not floating in water.  Glass containers will not be accepted.  Items that require re-bagging will be charged $2/item. 
  • Sellers may set a Reserved Bid on any item for a fee of $2/item.  When you view your own item, you will see this option.  It uses the Autobid feature to force others to outbid your reserved bid.
  • Shortly after the auction, you will receive directions to download formatted labels with buyer and selling price for each item in PDF. Print out the labels and apply them to the bags you've sold.  We recommend using Avery Presta® 94207, however the labels can be printed on plain paper and taped onto the bags.  All sales items must be labelled thusly to ensure proper sorting and distribution. 
  • Seller split is 72%. MAS split is 25% + 3% for credit card/PayPal processing fees. MAS will remit payment to you via PayPal. 
  • Items that do not have a bid are considered “no sale.” Similarly, items that do not reach the reserved bid (as set via the Autobid tool) are considered “no sale.”  No fee will be charged. 
  • Items that sell must be delivered to the distribution point for sorting Saturday morning 9:30 – 10:30 am.
  • Hard Goods:
    • Picture and description required
    • For the winter auction... items must weight less than 10 lbs and fit within a 10-gal tank, or is a tank up to 10-gallons
    • Maximum 5 hard good items


  • Bidding begins as soon as an item is listed in the auction.  All bidding concludes 10 PM on Wednesday, January 20.
  • All items have a $5 minimum bid. You may use the Autobid system to set a maximum bid. (Autobid will increase your bid at $1 increments over competing bids, up to your maximum bid.) 
  • Shortly after the auction ends, you will receive a notice to pay for items you won via credit card or PayPal Payment is due on Thursday, January 21. Late payments will be assessed a $5 fee.  Failure to pay for an item by Friday may mean the item will not be available at pickup and forfeiture of participating in future auctions. 
  • Winning items shuld be picked up betwee 11 am – noon on Saturday. SELLERS are encouraged to pick up their winning items starting at 10:30 am. Items not picked up by noon are subject to forfeit.