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  • Rules

Fall Auction 2020: October 14-24

Only logged-in MAS members have the options to submit items and to bid on each item.  
  • If you are a member, please login to access the member feautures.
  • If you are not a member and would like to participate, we welcome you to join us.

How it works

  • start of auction (Wednesday): MAS members may use the online system to register the species they are entering into the auction. Once an item is listed, members may bid on those items.
  • Tuesday evening: All items need to be listed at least 24 hours before the auction closes.  Fellow members may bid on these items until bidding is closed.
  • Wednesday evening at 10:00pm (Central time):  bidding is closed.
  • Thursday:  Winning bidders will be required to pay online at  They will have a link to view all the items they won.  Note:  there will be a $5 late fee applied to any late payments received after Thursday at midnight.
  • Friday evening:  By Friday evening, we will attempt to notify any seller of items that have yet to be paid for.  If this happens, the seller is not required to bring the items that have not yet been paid for. 
  • Seller responsibilties: Sellers will have access to a link to print MAS-formatted labels for what sold.  These are to be attached to each bag.  (This helps us sort the items to the correct buyer.) 
  • Saturday: Sellers need to drop off the MAS-labeled bags between 10:00am and noon.  Sellers may pick up their winnings starting at noon.  All others should stop by to pick up their bags from 12:30pm through 2:00pm. Keep in mind that we may not have everyone's items sorted by noon, so if you arrive early, you may need to wait.  Both parties will be sent the address of the drop-off/pickup location.  For this auction, Distribution Day will be held at the Bloomington Church gymnasium where our previous in-person auctions had been held.

New this Auction:

  • This auction allows tanks and hardgoods.
    • Maximum of 5 hardgoods per seller.
    • Keep in mind each item has a minimum bid of $5, so please do not list junk.
  • We include an Autobid feature.  Explanation and Rules of the Autobid feature.
  • Sellers may set a minimum bid on any of their items using teh Autobid feature.
  • The location for Distribution Day returns to our previuos Bloomington location.

Guidelines - please read the sections for "Buyers" and Sellers" (below)

  • If you are unable to drop off your bags at the given time/location, you should not be submitting items or bidding on items. 
  • If you fail to deliver or pickup your items, you will not be allowed to participate in future auctions. 
  • Any items not picked up during the pickup time are subject to being forfeited and without a refund.  (We need to enforce this rule as those working the distribution event are volunteers and cannot be expected to wait for late-comers.)
  • If you run into a problem or want more information, please contact us using the MAS contact form.

Social Distancing

To ensure the safety of everyone involved, masks are required for dropping off and picking up your auction items.  When others are present, please maintain the appropriate social distance.  Hand sanitizers will be available as well.  All volunteers will wear masks and gloves when handling the auction items.  Please pay online and do not expect us to handle cash.


All auctions will begin at $5.  Buyers must pay the total amount of their winning bids at before the end of day Thursday, October 22.  Payments made after Thursday will incur a $5 late fee - as late payments create more work as we prepare for Saturday.  The website's payment portal accepts either credit card or PayPal payment.  Please print out your receipt and bring it when you pick up your items on Saturday, October 24, between 12:30 and 2:00pm.  We may need to match your receipt against the items. 


We recommend you provide as much information as possible to spotlight your item.  One or more pictures can be helpful, particularly for tanks, hard-goods, and high $$ value items.  You can also link to a site that provides more detailed information. 

For this quarterly auction, each seller is limited to 20 items.  MAS will remit your portion of the sale via PayPal - unless you contact us to make other arrangements.

For this auction, volunteers will have to sort a large number of items in a very short amount of time.  We ask that you help us by properly bagging your sales items.  All fish and shrimp should be double bagged.  Plants should be bagged just slightly damped, not floating in water.  Items in glass or plastic containers will not be accepted.  Items that require re-bagging will be charged $2/item. 

We are providing a page of formatted labels for each seller to print and use.  At the end of the auction, you will receive a link where you can print your set of labels for your bags.  Please print them out and attach to each bag appropriately.  We are using the Avery Presta┬« 94207 format, which prints 2 columns of 5 labels each.  If you cannot access this format, just print the labels on plain paper, cut out the label and tape securely it to your bag.  We need this label for proper sorting.

  • Seller split is 72%.  MAS is 25% + 3% for credit card/processing fees. 
  • Items that do not reach the $5 minimum bid are considered "no sale" and no fee/split is incurred.
  • Sellers that use the Autobid feature to increase the minimum bid on their items will incur a $2 minimum bid fee but will not be charged additional should the item not sell.