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Candidates for Director

Two open positions. Terms run until June 2023.

Scott Leiferman

member since: 2019


I would like to introduce myself and I want to thank all the members for considering me to continue from my interim Membership Chair position to an elected official. My name is Scott Leiferman and I have been keeping fish in aquariums for quite a few years. As a kid growing up in Bloomington, we had an aquarium with tetras, angles, and corys in our family room. I’ve had aquariums on and off ever since that family aquarium - from college in Duluth to today in Buffalo. I currently have anywhere from 7 to 10 tanks mostly trying to provide the fish with the right conditions to get them to spawn. I participate in BAP (Breeders Award Program) and donated 11 species for points in 2020. I really enjoy all things aquatic and have been delving into culturing live foods for the fish. I am always learning from conversations with members to reading whatever I can get my hands on.

Why I am running

I am asking for your support as a board member because I believe I can help the club grow and help others to become better aquarists. I would like to see the MN Aquarium Society grow and see no reason why we can’t be the regional leader in the hobby. Our current monthly format has given us the opportunity to welcome meeting participants from around the globe. This exposure has shown many what a well run and great club we have. Our monthly meetings are a significant part of the member experience and we need to continue to gather and share ideas either in person or over the web. I think if we continue on our path of monthly web meetings with a hybrid in-person portion in the near future we can satisfy many of our members' concerns and continue to meet in a safe manner. As a board member, I will mainly be focusing on memberships and will discuss ideas with the board and the MN Aquarium Society members on a welcoming strategy for new members and ways to add value to membership. I will help to maintain our club's current momentum and get our members involved and engaged in this wonderful hobby we all enjoy.

Dan Rowe

member since: 2012


I have been an active member of the Minnesota Aquarium Society since 2012 and have served on the Board of Directors since 2015, with two separate terms as President/VP during that time. Aquariums have been around for most of my life, going back to a tank of neon tetras and glass catfish my mother maintained when I was growing up. My journey in the hobby exploded in 2010/11 and grew into an obsession after being brought to my first MAS meeting by a friend.

Why I am running

My overall goal as a member of the Board of Directors is to continue to elevate our club to the level of national recognition. This is accomplished through promoting the club as thought leaders and accessible information sources for all hobbyists. Some operational goals I look to achieve are: 1) Modernize and simplify our club’s bylaws, policies, and procedures 2) Build a social media presence to amplify our growing member base 3) Ensure a successful transition back to in-person or hybridized meetings & club events Above all else, I look to build value for the membership and give everyone a reason to want to be a member of the Minnesota Aquarium Society.

Brett Krull

member since: 2020


Hello! I've been keeping aquariums for many years. As a kid, I kept (and killed) a large variety of species that I misguidedly crammed together in a small tank that my parents had lying around. After moving around the country for the better part of my adult life, I settled in Minneapolis and I now keep a small collection of cichlids, livebearers, and loaches....with more success than I enjoyed as a kid. I discovered MAS during quarantine last year and started attending the online lectures. I've been active in helping with the auctions and with any luck I'll be ready for my first BAP submission later this year. I have only met a few of you so far, but I look forward to meeting many more once in-person events can safely return.

Why I am running

MAS is a strong and growing club. A focus on member engagement (and value) is key to continued success. For example, the BAP and HAP programs are daunting for smaller scale hobbyists, and I think we could work to improve accessibility and perhaps add some smaller scale competitions to promote participation. Another way to enhance MAS membership would be to partner with local vendors. Together, we represent a large consumer base and we can provide information about the goods and services we seek in exchange for in-store incentives. I also believe the hobby needs a stronger focus on sustainability. MAS could contribute toward this goal by partnering with external organizations to provide awareness and education on important topics such as conservation status, aquaculture practices, and habitat restoration. As a new board member, I would look forward to working toward these goals, learning more about the club, and bringing a fresh perspective.