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Candidates for Director

Two open positions. Terms run until June 2022.

Teresa Seaberg

member since: 2007


I have been in the hobby since I got my first Guppies in the 6th grade from a science teacher who passed out fish for A's. I've worked in fish stores since college, and owned and operated TerreQuatics starting in 2007 until we closed the store in 2015. Since then we have filled our basement with fish tanks and have kept everything from shrimp to monster fish like polypterus and giant saw side catfish.

I've been in the club since I got to MN in 2007, and went to my first show. Since then I have tried to help out with every show and auction that I've been to, and that led me to joining the show committee, and heading up the schooling schools program as well as taking over the t-shirt coordination after Jenny., which eventually led to me becoming a board member. I have been on the BOD off and on ever since. I served as President two years ago, and served as Vice President this past term.

This past year I was the co-chair for the Expo committee, and was responsible for coordinating all of the speakers and topics. If we had been able to have an Expo this year, I feel confident that it would have continued the vision and success of the first Expo. When we are able to have an Expo again, I have a plan to introduce a competition section to the Expo that will appeal to everyone who misses that aspect from the old MAS shows, and those who just want to show off their awesome fish!

Why I am running

I'm running for the BOD, because I love the club, and I love all of it's members. It is so nice to be a part of a group where ALL of the members are so passionate and so knowledgeable about this hobby that we all share. As a BOD member, I want us to continue to give you the great programs and speakers that you already love, and strive to keep improving on those, as well as developing new activities and ideas. 

Andrew Henderson

member since: 2019


Started with MAS March of 2019 with the first Expo. Helped volunteer at numerous events throughout MAS that year. Along with being a very active breeder and participant of the bap program. Been keeping fish off and on throughout childhood, just recently got back in full time in early 2018. My passion is African cichlids however I dabble in just about anything I can actively breed. Nothing comes into my fish room if I can’t attempt to breed it.

Why I am running

I’m a big fan of MAS and all the events and involvement that comes along with being a member. I was already helping setup the Expo for 2020 before its cancelation. The people, the hobby, and just overall voice of the MAS is positive and I thoroughly enjoy the meetings and being involved.

Randy Carey

member since: 1991


I’ve been an active MAS member for 30 years and was the first to earn the lifetime membership.  MAS has made me a better aquarist, and fellow members have raised the bar of my expectations within this hobby.

  • Served as President, Treasurer, Secretary, Show Chair, Programs Chair, more.
  • As BAP Chair: I have established monthly online meetings with BAP members.
  • As Webmaster: I am developing the online auction system, developing the online News and Articles sections, established online management of one’s membership, field incoming email inquiries, develop new features as we need, and manage the email communications.
  • Developed and produced the concept of the MAS Expo – with the accomplished goal of gaining new members and increasing member engagement.
  • Wrote feature articles and photographed for TFH magazine, who also hired me to write the book Tetras and Barbs.
  • I have traveled to and presented at over 40 aquarium societies. I have seen how other clubs operate and learned from them.
  • Served as full-time Director for two sizable nonprofits. I understand how professional non-profits and member-based associations operate.
  • Semi-retired – so I have more time to invest.

Why I am running

I focused the theme and agenda of the 2019 Expo as “We can help you be more successful.” Since I stepped back from the board, I see so much more that we can do to follow-up.  So I seek to return to the Board to advocate that we refocus on members and pick up where the 2019 Expo left off.

I will continue my work with the BAP program and the website.  Using a position on the Board, I intend to advocate for and work toward:
  • Expanding the membership program beyond tracking dues. We can proactively help new and established members get integrated and connected. I have ideas for developing new benefits for members, and I think we need to provide value and opportunities for members who cannot attend our in-person meetings.  We need to provide opportunities for members to get involved, and we proactively recruit beyond the board.
  • Advocating for professionalism – from the various programs of MAS to the expectations of the Board.

The direction of MAS will benefit from those with vision, time to follow-through, and an urge for professionalism.  That is why I’m running.