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  • Proposed Bylaws Changes (Summer 2020)

The following text is the proposed changes to the Bylaws (to be voted on at the Aug 6 membership meeting).
To see how these proposed changes differ from the current bylaws, view this page.
Te read the reasons for the changes, view this page.

a.  Holding of Elections.   Director elections shall be held annually prior to the end of the expiring Directors/President’s terms (typically in May). In extenuating circumstances, the board may delay election(s), when in the interest of the general membership. The board may, in its discretion, hold elections in any of the following ways:
  • In-person election; or
  • Electronic election meeting; or
  • Send an electronic or physical election ballot to members
b.  Voting.   All voting Members who are currently present at a duly held election are qualified to vote for the two director positions opening that year and for the President. Each Member may vote for one Presidential candidate and two candidates for Representative Director.

1.3 Privileges and Responsibilities of Membership
b.  Voting for Directors. Voting Members may vote for the President and Elected Director Representatives as set forth in these bylaws. Voting members shall be those Members in good standing who are paid-to-date on their dues at the time of election. Members may vote only on matters specifically put before them by the Board of Directors and to elect Directors, except if a special member meeting is called by 50 or more members. No Member may vote by proxy.

7.5 Meeting and Voting by Electronic Presence
Any member eligible to participate and/or vote at a meeting may do so through electronic methods, if such person can communicate on a substantially simultaneous basis with each other person participating in the meeting.