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Membership (Junior)

Membership (Junior) While out monthly meetings are open to all, membership in MAS includes special priviledges:
  • ability to participate in programs such as BAP and HAP and to earn awards and recognition.
  • abilty to bid on items at monthly meetings
  • ability to participate in special activities such as darter collecting, fishroom tours, and the annual Plant Extravaganza
  • full access to the MAS website and its members-only features.  This includes the improved ability to connect and communicate with other members.
  • receive discounts that some stores my offer
Individuals under 18 may purchase MAS membership at a discounted rate.  A junior member has full membership privileges except in legal areas such as serving on the Board.

Being a member is just a good way to belong to this local community of fellow aquarists who share the same interest and passions.
Duration: 1 year
Price: $10.00