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  • Annual Event

Most years, MAS traditionally holds an annual event that is open to the public, celebrates the accomplishments of its members, and builds enthusiasm in the hobby. 

Currently there are no plans for an annual event in 2023.


Aquarium Expo (2019...)
In 2019 MAS launched a new approach to its annual event.  Rather than focus on competition at a privately rented facility (as had been the tradition), MAS focused on outreach to all local aquarists - promoting the hobby and sharing the value of the Aquarium Society.  Members displayed their fish, plants, and aquascaped aquaria.  Local experts gave hourly presentations.   Select members led discussions about their fishrooms.  The atrium hosted displays, live food demos, and hourly raffles.  Niche vendors sold their wares in the marketplace room.  And not least, attendees were introduced to MAS and engaged in conversation with its members.  See the 2019 event site.  Since 2019, MAS has been modeling its annual event as a single-day event, retaining the designation of "Expo."

earlier years: the Aquarium Show
From the 70s through 2018, the annual event was based upon a "Show" -- with the main focus on aquarists setting up tanks to show off their fish and compete as each entry was judged.  From the 70s through the 90s these events were held in the center display areas of major malls (e.g., Rosedale) and in the Conservatory at Como Zoo.  As times changed, the event shifted to rented facilities such as hotels or a VFW.  The event climaxed with members and friends gathering and socializing at the awards banquet, which featured recognition of winning displays and a keynote speaker who was flown in for the event.