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  • How an MAS Auction Works

Auctions span 11 days from the auction launch on a Wedneday to a Saturday distribution event.

week of the online auction

  • The online auction runs for a week Wednesday-to-Wednesday.
  • Sellers are encouraged to post as soon as the auction opens.
  • No more items may be added 24 hours before the auction closes.

once the auction closes

  • sellers and winning bidders will receive an email notice.  this contains links and information about the distribution event that following Saturday.
  • the auction options will include links to view one's buyer report, one's seller report, and seller labels
  • Buyers pay by end-of-day Thursday. 
  • Sellers print and apply the formatted bag labels to the bagged items they bring

distribution day (Saturday)

  • The distribution information will have emailed to each participant and it is posted inthe Auction section.
  • Sellers bring their items at the designated times.
  • Buyers stop by at the designated times to pick-up the items they won.

everyone coming through

MAS members have an excellent record in following through with delivering items on time, paying on time, and showing up to pickup items.  This is critical to the success of these online auctions.  Should someone fail to comply as a seller or buyer, MAS reserves the right to apply a late fee, decline a sale, and even deny participation in one or more of the following auctions.  We don't want to take such actions, but everyone is depending upon each other to come through.  We are grateful that our members are following through.