1) ALL buyers will be required to deposit a driver's license for their buyer number.
2) Bring a Styrofoam cooler or fish box for your fish purchases.
3) Hold you AUCTION NUMBER high when bidding, and out of sight when you drop. IF THE AUCTIONEER DOESN'T SEE YOU ON THE SIDELINES, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET THEIR ATTENTION before they say "SOLD".
4) All items are sold "AS IS". MAS does not warrant the condition or authenticity of any item sold.
5) All bidding will be in full dollar increments.
6) Buy up (allows the buyers to move a certain item up in the selling order by paying a fee). Purchase "buy up" ticket at clerk's table for $2.00. Take ticket to person moving items to auction table.  The item you requested should be available for auction within 15 minutes of your request. There will be no limit to the number of "buy ups" that a person can request, but the auction committee reserves the right to limit the amount of "buy ups" that a certain individual is requesting if the committee deems that it is an excessive amount. No "buy ups" will be allowed until after the first table has been auctioned, usually at least two hours into the auction.
Auctions are held about three times a year.