Buy It Now - One More Way For Auction Success!

Once again, sellers will have the Buy it Now (BIN) option available at the auction. BIN is a great way to make sure you get the price you want for plants, fish or merchandise. Here are some tips...

BIN - Sellers:

Sellers set the selling price for any item they put in the Buy It Now (BIN) corral. This allows buyers to find and purchase items right away without going through the auction. The cost to the seller is a dollar per item. If the item sells it's the usual MAS split in addition to the dollar. If it doesn't sell there is no extra charge.

Register your items as usual and use your regular auction stickers. Put the selling price clearly on the item. In addition to the regular auction sticker you will be given a green or red sticker for each of your BIN items. Green sticker - item will automatically be placed in the regular auction at noon. Red sticker - item stays in the BIN corral. All red sticker items must be picked up by 1pm or will automatically be placed in the regular auction.

BIN Sellers will have a choice to enter the item into the regular auction at any time or remove their item for sale at any time.

BIN - Buyers

From 10:30am (or so) until noon, buyers will have the opportunity to buy the BIN items at the selling price. Buyers must have an auction number. Once something is sold, buyer fills out traditional auction sales slip, which is sent over to the auction center for processing. Buyer takes possession of the BIN item. When the buyer is ready to leave the auction, buyer goes to auction center to pay for all purchases.

It's ok for the buyer to contact the seller, if the seller is available, to negotiate on the price. Price adjustments cost the buyer an extra dollar.

Between noon and 1pm BIN ends. All green sticker items will go into the auction at noon. Any red sticker items not picked up by 1pm will also go into the auction.