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  • Breeders Award Program (BAP)

Breeders' Award Program (BAP)

Breeders' Award Program exists to encourage members of the aquarium society to breed fish and share knowledge concerning the spawning and rearing of fish. Additionally, it provides the means to recognize the achievements of society members concerning the breeding of fish, to promote an interest in and make available a wider variety of fish. Finally, BAP seeks to make more members active participants in the society.

 ...New as of November 2018:
Any participant of BAP may bring one extra bag each month of fry or breeders of a species he/she has previously BAPed.  (Likewise for HAP.)  This bag will be auctioned during the BAP/HAP auction, and the seller will receive 50% of the selling price.  The intent of this allowance is to provide more member access to member-bred species, and for the breeder to pass on additional fry or the adult breeders to fellow MAS members.  Such bags do not qualify for any BAP points, awards, credit toward membership, or anything beyond the 50% split. Additional bags of the same species may be donated during the month of its BAP, but a split is offered only on one bag and for a species BAP'ed in a previous month. Note: the one bag applies to either one BAP bag or one HAP bag, but not both the same month.

The BAP Committee consists of the BAP Chairman, the BAP Data Keeper and additional club members as designated by the Board of Directors.