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  • BAP Awards

BAP Point Awards

Spawns may be registered from any class or combination of classes in the achievement of BAP awards at all levels.

Beginning Breeder Award: a Certificate will be awarded upon accumulation of 25 BAP points or successful rearing of the minimum number of fry from each of 3 spawns.

Plaques or trophies or other awards will be awarded to breeders in the following categories:

  • Beginner Breeder (25 points or 3 species)
  • 100-point Breeder Award
  • 250-point Breeder Award
  • 500-point Breeder Award
  • Advanced Breeder Award -- 750 points
  • Master Breeder Award -- 1000 points
  • Grand Master Breeder Award -- 1500 points
  • Life Master Breeder Award -- 2000 points 

Anyone earning the Life Master Breeder Award receives a lifetime membership in MAS.  BAP will recognize the breeder for each 500 points earned beyond the Life Master Breeder Award.

Special (non-point) Awards

No fish may be entered for a special award that has not also/already been submitted to the BAP program for points.

    • Rookie-of-the-Year - An award will be given to the new BAP participant who successfully spawns and BAPs the most fish in the 12 months following his or her first BAP entry. The eligibility of a rookie participant whose first BAP occurs in January will end in December. The eligibility of a rookie participant whose first BAP occurs in February will end in January. The award will be given in January and will include only those participants whose eligibility ends during the previous year. All participants of any age are eligible for the Rookie-of-the-Year Award. In case of a tie for the most spawns, the highest BAP point total wins.


    • Breeder-of-the-Year - An award will be given to the BAP participant who has the highest BAP point total in any given calendar year. The award will be given in January. In case of a tie for BAP points, the breeder with the fewest spawns (averages the highest points per spawn) wins. A participant may be awarded both the Rookie-of-the-Year and the Breeder-of-the-Year awards in the same year.


    • Specialization Award - An aquarist must spawn 6 different members of one family of fish (for example: Barbs, Tetras, Cichlids) or 6 different and distinct trade recognized colors and/or fin types (example: gold, black, blushing, silver, etc. varieties of Angle fish) or 6 of one Genus of fish (such as Hyphessobrycon, Cichlasoma, Poecilia, etc.) and points received in Genus categories cannot be used for general point categories nor transferred if the attempt is later aborted. Before an attempt at a specialization award will be recognized, it must be cleared with the BAP Chair(s) and fully defined as to your intentions. The most favorable type of specialization is very narrowly defined, such as that for spawning from one Genus group (such as Haplochromines) or from a very difficult set of fish (such as Crenicichla). The idea behind specialization is to make it a challenge and not just a trophy chase. Entrants to the specialization program must also BAP their fish. Specialization breeders are required to bring a bag containing at least 4 minimum 60 day old fry to the general society meeting for auction. The Specialization registration sheet must have a section completed for each fish so registered and must be brought with the fish to the meeting for the BAP Chairs to sign. The participant is fully responsible for this sheet until the full 6 spawnings are completed. Specialization fry may be from the same spawn as those turned in for BAP points but must be in a separate bag (two bags with a minimum of 4 fry in each will cover both awards).


    • Diversification Award - An award will be given for diversity in breeding. To receive this award, the participant must have received BAP points for at least one fish from each of the following divisions:                     
      • Livebearers 
      • Anabantids 
      • Cyprinids 
      • Cichlids 
      • Characins 
      • Killifish 
      • Catfish 
      • Rainbowfish 
      • Gobies 
      • Other:  Any other fish from a family that is not included above.  Examples include, but are not limited to: darters, sunfish, Badis, puffers, pipefish, glassfish. leaffish, marine species, etc.

      The participant ise responsible for informing the BAP committee that he/she has completed the requirements for the award from his/her submissions in the regular BAP program.


  • Marine Awards - Any successful spawn of a true marine fish and the subsequent raising of at least one (1) fry to at least 30 days post hatch will receive an award. The eggs (eggs, roe, or plankton) must be verified by a member of the BAP Committee as well as the fry at 30 days post hatch to receive a Recognition Award. Auctioning of the fry will not be required unless 4 fry survive to 60 days post hatch and the breeder wishes to obtain BAP point recognition. At that time, normal BAP guidelines are to be followed to receive points for the fish.