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  • HAP Program Goals

The Horticulturist Award Program (HAP) was established to recognize achievement in growing and reproducing aquatic plants. It is hoped that it will also help to gather knowledge about plants with the ultimate goal of making the hobby more successful and interesting for everyone.

Paul Garrity award

The Minnesota Aquarium Society (MAS) is a nationally recognized, award winning member of the Horticultural Award Program of the Federation of American Aquarium Societies. The Horticulturist Award Program rewards participants with points for the propagation and flowering of aquatic plants.

These points are recorded and used to determine the level of distinction that will be awarded to the HAP Participant. In addition to these cumulative awards, two annual awards are given, "Rookie Horticulturist of the Year" and "Horticulturist of the Year". HAP points also earn book points that can be redeemed for free aquatic books.