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  • Fernando Edwards - 100 point Breeder Award

At the February 2020 meeting, the BAP program recognized junior member Fernando Edwards with the 100-point award for Breeding. 

Fernando Edwards - 100-point BAP Award
Fernando has been actively breeding for since 2018, when he submitted a strain of guppies as his first BAP submission, and in his first year was runner-up for the Rookie award - a great accomplishment for any junior member who typically have limited resources.  Here are some of the species that pushed Fernando over the 100-point threshhold.  Note the diversity of species he has successfully reproduced.
  • livebearers: Limia perugiaeLimia sp. tiger, Xiphophorus hellerii, Limia nigrofasciata
  • cichilds:  Lamprologus caudopunctatus
  • catfishes:  Ancistrus sp. red calico, Ancistrus dolichopterus
  • shrimpNeocaridina davidi rili
  • crayfishes:  Cambarellus shuteldtii, Cambarellus texanus, Cambarellus patzcuarensis
  • snails:  Planorbis corneus, Anentome helena
When recognized wtih this award, Fernando let us know that he has no plans to let up.  In the short few years ahead we can expect to see him recognized for more accomplishments.