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Monthly Meetings and Presentations

Monthly meetings are open to all.  Each meeting:
  • showcases a 60-90 minute presentation from local experts or national speakers.
  • includes opportunities to network with other aquarists
  • auctions off fish and plant from local members
  • raffles items donated from vendors

Annual Event

Each year MAS produces a city-wide event that includes displays of tanks by local members, speakers, and more.
Annual Event


MAS holds three day-long auctions each year.  Local aquarists bring their bagged fish, bagged aquatic plants, tanks, and aquarium supplies.  Each item is auctioned to those attending with the seller receiving a share of the selling price.  These auctions also include out Surrender events – where anyone can bring unwated fish for us to rehome.
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Breeders' Award Program (BAP)

Our BAP is a signature program of MAS.  We value the breeding of species.  Participating members earn points based upon the difficulty of the species they breed.  As a breeder reaches various levels, we recognize him or her publically and with classy trophies.  Read about the program and how to participate.
Breeders Award Program

Horticulturist Award Program (HAP)

MAS also values the propogation of plants.  As in BAP, the Horticulturist Award Program recognizes participating members when they have successfully reach various levels of aquatic plant propogation.
Horticulturist Award Program

Schooling for Schools

As part of our mission to promote the study and keeping of aquatic life, MAS helps local teachers to set up and maintian aquariums at their schools.
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