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Schooling for Schools

Since 2011, MAS has set a goal to get more young people involved both with the society and with aquarium keeping in general.  To attain this goal, we are reaching out to schools and teachers that might be interested in having a fish tank in their classroom.  MAS would like to help with attaining the equipment or with setting up equipment which the school already has. A portion of the auction proceeds will go towards this program.  Also, we hope to keep costs down by members donating working equipment that is in good condition. MAS accepts livestock donations on a pre-approved, case by case basis. 

In addition to donations, we encourage members to be generous with their time and vast stores of knowledge on fish keeping.  The more volunteers we have, the more students we can reach and get excited about our wonderful hobby!  We want to leave the level of involvement up to each teacher, so we are offering two options:

  1.  We can come to the classroom, set up the tank, and give a demonstration on how to maintain the tank, as well as explain what type of fish are in their new tank, where they come from, what their preferred environment is like, etc, and then the teacher or students can take over the tank maintenance, but would still be free to contact us if problems or questions arose. 
  2. If there are any teachers who would like a fish tank in their classroom, but do not feel comfortable maintaining the tank, we can work it out so one of our members can come to the school and maintain the tank.  We would also arrange for someone to come out and tear the tank down at the end of the year, so no one has to worry about what to do with the fish for the summer. 


We are very excited about this new program, and hope our members will come together to make it great.  We welcome the next generation of fish keepers and MAS members with open fins!