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  • Triple Crown - 2022

Attending the Triple Crown Event - July 2022

A number of MAS members will be attending the Triple Crown convention (July 27-31 in Louisville, Kentucky). MAS Member Mike Fries is putting together a list of people who are attending so we can set up a get together when we are there.   Use the form on this page to express your interest and someone will get back to you.

Read the PDF about this planned Road Trip.

About the Triple Crown event:

The Aquatic Triple Crown will be hosted by the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers (LTFF) on July 27th – 31st.  What makes it the Triple Crown you ask? The combined conventions and fish shows of the Big Three: the American Cichlid Association, the American Killifish Association and the American Livebearer Association will all be occurring under one roof at the same time. Wow! It’s the Trifecta. Are you are Rainbow Fish Fan? The  North American-Australia New Guinea Fishes Association is also holding its convention with all the rest. While NA-ANGFA will not have a fish show, I’m sure that some fine rainbowfish, etc, will be found swimming around somewhere in the hotel.

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