Bonus: Livebearer Reproduction Strategies

Wednesday, August 6
Bonus: Livebearer Reproduction Strategies
Bob Randall's Fishroom
bonus meeting

bonus Wednesday: social hour begins at 7:00pm. talk begins at or shortly after 7:30.

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No buckets, no hoses. Automating Water Changes in your Fish Room

Thursday, August 7
No buckets, no hoses. Automating Water Changes in your Fish Room
monthly meeting location
Monthly Meeting

Rick Borstein will tell you how to build an automatic water changing system. That's right, no more buckets, hoses or Pythons! You can save hours of time each week.

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Andrew Simons

Thursday, September 4
monthly meeting location
Monthly Meeting

topic to be announced later

Fish Collecting in the US

Thursday, October 2
Fish Collecting in the US
monthly meeting location
Monthly Meeting
Collecting native fishes with a focus on ideal aquarium species. A workshop covering collecting native fish in many different states and population variability among many species.

by Tony Terceira from the New England area.

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2013 Annual Awards

The annual awards for BAP and HAP for accomplishments in 2013:

Adam Cady
- Breeder of the Year-
- Rookie of the Year-
AdamCady, 2013 Breeder of the Year, Rookie Breeder of the Year

Milo Squires
- Horticulturist of the Year-
MiloSquires, 2013 Horticulturist of the year

2013 Plant Extravaganza

plants-2013 1227 c220

open positions


May elections:
  president: Andy Jameson
  director: Brad Swanson
  director: Margie Johnson

The 2013-14 challenge concluded.  Read the challenge and the results.
BAP/HAP Challenge for 2013-14 fishkeeping season

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