About MAS

The MAS Board of Directors approved a new set of Bylaws on June 9, and the membership voted overwhelmingly to accept these.  The full text of the new Bylaws can be found here:

About these new Bylaws...

Following our current Bylaws, we are here publishing the proposed new set of Bylaws for membership review and giving notice to all members that these will be voted on at the next general meeting.  We will be conducting an up-or-down vote on the proposed document as a whole.

Over the past year, a submcommittee of the Board has been working to update our current set of bylaws that originated in 1956 and was last revised in early 2000.  We worked with a lawyer to obtain more modern language and to cover new areas (e.g., digital) that we felt were needed in the Internet era.  The work underwent multiple revisions and occupied many hours of MAS leadership.  Although the resulting document is a significant rewrite, we feel they maintain the essential intent and structure found in our current Bylaws.

To help members understand the clarifications and changes, we will summarize them here:

  • Section I:
    • eliminated a few 'honorary' membership types that are no longer used
    • updated MAS means of notification to electronic form (i.e., email address)
  • Section III:
    • clarifying that directors cannot receive remuneration for serving
  • Section IV:
    • update: terms to begin at June Board meeting instead of August Board meeting
    • clarifying election procedures, removal process, and interim appointments
  • Sections V and VI:
    • miscelaneous clarifications
    • Removed a restriction so that now the Vice President may vote with the rest of the Board
  • Section VII:
    • clarify no vote by proxy
    • accommodating participation and actions of the Board by electronic communication
  • Section VIII:
    • clarify expectation of an annual financial report
  • Section X:
    • clarify the process for ammending the Bylaws
  • Section XI:
    • clarify how committees and task forces are formed, organized, and concluded
    • clarify the meaning MAS "sanctioning"
  • Section XII:
    • added: 12.1 through 12.4.  (conflict of interest and personal gain)
  • Section XIII:
    • added legal language regarding indeminification
  • old section removed:
    • eliminated a section on subchapters that have never been used

All wording of the current Bylaws have been reviewed, and often minor wording changes were made for clarification, modernizing, or legal considerations.