2018 Plant Extravaganza

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New BAP/HAP Allowance

...New as of November 2018:
Any participant of BAP may bring one extra bag each month of fry or adult breeders of a species he/she has previously BAPed. (Likewise for HAP.) This bag will be auctioned during the BAP/HAP auction, and the seller will receive 50% of the selling price. The intent of this allowance is to provide more member access to member-bred species, and for the breeder to pass on additional fry or the adult breeders to fellow MAS members.
One extra bag applies to either BAP or HAP.

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Local Fishrooms

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Video Tours

2018 Show Awards

PDF of the slides shown at the Awards banquet

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officers elected in 2018

Teresa SeabergPresident

Brad Swanson.100Director 2 

JoeTheisen.100Director 4