Minnesota Aquarium Society (MAS) set up book point program to give back to BAP and HAP participants that donate their fish and plants to MAS.  Later MAS determined those members that participated in Bowl Show would be given Book Points and more recently members that provide a presentation at a monthly meeting would also be given book points.

Book points are determined by ratios set by Board of Directors.  Ten BAP points is worth one book point, whereas twenty HAP points is worth one book point.  Book Points from Bowl Show are limited to 3 book points per month and are based on win, place and show for that month.  Members that present a program (similar to a guest speaker program) at a monthly meeting are given 50 book points.

Book points are redeemed for books related to aquaria, subscriptions to journals related to aquaria and memberships to organizations related to aquaria.  If item selected is questionable, contact Book Point chair before purchase.  If you do not have funds to purchase item before presentation, contact book point chair to arrange for an alternative process.

How to redeem book points:

  1. Find your book point total on aquarium.mn.  This total is updated once a year with new points and deductions for points used.
  2. Each book point is worth $2 towards book, journal or membership.
  3. Pay for book, journal or membership with your own funds.
  4. Sent receipt toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  5. Bring book, journal or membership to a meeting and have item presented to you at a meeting.  January is the preferred month for Book Point presentations but any month is OK.
  6. Requirements are complete and treasurer will send you a check or pay you via a transfer.