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  • Breeding and Maintenance of Fancy Strains of Xiphophorus: Technics and Methods-Monthly Meeting

Breeding and Maintenance of Fancy Strains of Xiphophorus: Technics and Methods

Thu, Oct 07, 2021   7:00 pm

Monthly Meeting

How to selectively maintain fancy strains of Xiphophorus - basic tank management and requirements for breeding specialized fancy strains such as red alpha, ruby red, "Berlin" swordtails, rubynose variatus, etc... Selectively breeding pure strains of fancy Xiphophorus requires rigid, yet basic, husbandry methods.

The quality breeding of cultivated strains of fancy livebearers is a craft which requires patience, long-term dedication, and hard work of limitless possibilities. Decades ago, Dr. Joanne Norton, founder of the American Livebearer Association, made us discover the world of cultivated strains of fancy livebearers, and nowadays it is up to us to bring it back to its former glory."

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Karl W Trochu.480Karl Trochu (former member of MAS)Born and raised in Brittany, France, Karl Trochu graduated from the University of Minnesota and business-traveled throughout Asia and Southeast Asia for a decade. Since early childhood in France, Karl has always been fascinated by the world of tropical fish husbandry, breeding and raising species ranging from swordtails to guppies, and bettas to angelfish. He also maintained a fish-room in Saint Paul, MN for many years, as long as his professional life allowed it. His other hobbies in life consist of superbikes racing and half-marathon running.

In 2004, Karl, his wife and two children moved from Saint Paul, MN to Miami, FL where he was finally able to realize his hobbyist's dream of maintaining an all-year-round outdoor fish-room; strictly dedicated to breeding, maintaining, and developing quality strains of hi-fin swordtails and platies.
Trochu fishroom.700Karl Trochu's fishroom