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  • The Best of Both Worlds: Paludariums-Monthly Meeting

The Best of Both Worlds: Paludariums

Thu, Aug 02, 2018   7:15 pm

Monthly Meeting

King of Kings Lutheran Church 2330 North Dale Street, Rosevilleview map
Nearly all the plants we keep in this hobby are rheophytes, capable of living both above and below the water’s surface.  Much of the hobby is focused on submersed cultivation, but our plants have much to offer and teach us when allowed to grow why enjoy them in only one growth form when you can experience both?  Learn the basics of paludarium design, construction, scape styles, and planting techniques for long-term growth and propagation of your plants below and above water.

Cara Wade

Cara is a 20+ year veteran in the planted aquarium hobby, with a focus on lighting science and aquatic aroid cultivation.  In her spare time she enjoys exploring and documenting aquatic plants in nature, from dirty ditches in Central Texas to streams in South America and Southeast Asia, birding, and eating strange and spicy foods.   She enjoys her position at an environmental consulting firm specializing in reptile and aquatic vegetation projects too much to call it work.