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  • A Journey Downriver: From the Amazon to Your Aquarium -Monthly Meeting

A Journey Downriver: From the Amazon to Your Aquarium

Thu, Mar 05, 2020   7:15 pm

Monthly Meeting

King of Kings Lutheran Church 2330 North Dale Street, Rosevilleview map
  • Glimpse firsthand how wild ornamental fish are collected
  • Discover what happens between the time they are collected & transported downriver
  • Join the fish on their journey downriver to the export facilities
  • Tour export facilities and gain insight as to how ornamental fish are cared for and treated before being shipped to the U.S.

This informative and eye-opening lecture will include captivating footage and photos accompanied by a firsthand narrative of what we experienced during our month spent in the state of Para and Amazonas, Brazil in November of 2018. 

Our ambition in sharing this experience is to acquaint you with how the supply chain functions and to allow you to gain insight into this little-known aspect of the wild caught ornamental fish industry.

Perhaps one day you’ll make the journey yourself! 

trap girl RioNegroAmazonas

donated for meeting's auction
Freshwater Exotics will be donating the following items for our monthly meeting auction:
  • (2) Hyphessobrycon pyrrhontus “Flameback Bleeding Heart” Judaca, Rio Negro 1” (normally $14.00)  (to be auctioned as one item)
  • (2)  Crenicichla regani (normally $50.00)  (pair, to be auctioned as one item)
  • (1) L67 Pseudancistrus sp Rio Xingu 4" (normally $25.00)
  • (1) L239 Baryancistrus beggini “Blue Panaque” Rio Orinoco 3-4” (normally $30.00)
  • (2) L280 Hypancistrus vandragti Rio Ventuari 1-1.25” (normally $80.00) (possible pair, to be auctioned as one item)
  • (1)  L333 Hypancistrus sp. "Black & White" Rio Xingu 3-4" (normally $60.00)

Fish delivered at the meeting:
Freshwater Exotics is offering members to order fish online and they will bring them to the meeting.  This saves you the shipping costs. Here are the guidelines:
  • their current stock list is here: 
  • all orders must be pre-paid.
  • You may order through the website, through email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or through Facebook.

Christine Neumeyer and Jamie Smith of Freshwater Exotics

christine jamie on piaba boatWe are importers of wild caught South American fish.  Jamie has been importing for over 25 years, I joined him 12 years ago. 
We have always been dedicated to supplying the U.S. market with wild caught fish.  A strong belief in supporting the wild caught ornamental fish industry has taken us on a lifelong journey of discovery and continuing education. 
By sharing our journey and business endeavors with hobbyists, breeders and enthusiasts, we hope to enlighten you as to why wild Amazon fish are not only sustainable, but how this industry actually supports the environment and economy in the Amazon.